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With more than 1.34 million COVID-19 cases confirmed, and death toll hitting over 74,000 in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide, people are being advised to avoid public and crowded spaces and reduce their travels.

In China: 83,071 confirmed cases(including 983 originating abroad); 3,340 deaths; 77,450 recovered

China temporarily suspended entry of foreigners with valid visas and residence permits, from March 28.

Outside of China: Over 1,013,839 confirmed cases; over 73,905 deaths.

U.S. became the first nation with over 368,079 COVID-19 cases. Death toll in the country reached over 10,923. President Donald Trump has extended social distancing guidelines to April 30.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Iraq’s Deputy Trade Minister Walid al-Helou are the latest political figures to test positive for the coronavirus.Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been moved to ICU after his condition worsened on Apr.6th.

European Union has closed its borders for 30 days.

As the numbers of confirmed cases and deaths are growing worldwide, the US and other countries declared national emergency. Recently there were sharp rises in new cases in Iran, Italy, South Korea and Spain. The whole world is on high alert for a possible global pandemic. At present, the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus is at the most critical stage, and many countries are facing the threat of the epidemic.

Territories with confirmed cases of COVID-19 (March 23)

Source: Expat Focus

Mortality rate: COVID-19 kills 3.4% of cases globally, a figure far above the seasonal flu’s fatality rate of below 1%, says WHO.

Outbreaks worsen in Europe, Crippling Italy 

In Europe, Italy is the front line with most confirmed cases and fatalities, as the outbreak is spreading. The country has applied quarantine measures in the entire county. Public gatherings are banned, all sporting events are suspended and people will only be able to travel to work or family emergencies. Italy ‘s health minister said coronavirus lockdown would be extended “at least” until April 12 as the country’s total cases topped 132,547. Italy on Tuesday observed a minute of silence for the victims of the COVID-19 as the death toll rose above 16,523 in the country.

Spain’s total confirmed cases rose to 110,238 and the death toll 10,003.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel tested negative for the virus. Prince Albert II of Monaco tested positive for COVID-19. EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier announced he also tested positive for the virus. The UK’s Prince Charles has tested positive for the coronavirus.

South Korea: 10000+ Cases, over 170 Deaths 

Reporting a drastic increases in the number of cases in Korea, the country of 51 million people now has the highest number of coronavirus cases outside mainland China.

Iran: 50400+ Cases, over 3100 Deaths

The country’s deputy health minister is conformed one of those infected.

Spanish police officers in Tenerife

Source: CGTN


Global Stock Markets Continue to Dive

As the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Nikkei and other stock markets recently slid 3% finance ministers from the Group of 20 major economies warned during a meeting in Saudi Arabia over the weekend that the coronavirus outbreak could pose a greater threat to the global economy than earlier expected.

Quarantine for Foreigners returning from abroad

From March 28th on, China will temporarily suspend the entry into China by foreign nationals.

On March 3rd, Beijing has once again adjusted its policy on outbreak control for foreigners returning from overseas, saying they will be treated no differently than Chinese and some will in fact be subject to mandatory quarantine.

Citizens coming from South Korea, Japan, Iran, Italy, and “other severely affected countries” are now required to conduct a 14-day quarantine upon arrival.

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