Getting your kids active in Chengdu

Life is sweet here in Chengdu, but there are not as many chances for our kids to get off of their iPads, and out into the open as we would like.

Team sports aren’t just good for healthy, but build social skills, leadership skills and confidence in the little ones.

AIFuture Teenage American Football Training Centre is Chengdu’s biggest American Football Academy. They have 4 centres in Chengdu and have a coach exchange program with the US FOOTBALL association. It also partners with a USA Blue Ribbon awarded schools, and offer opportunities for their teams to travel and play American teams.

Champion sisters Laura and Martina are proud members of the Chengdu Eagles


The best part about AIFuture’s training centres is they offer mixed teams and mixed training for boys and girls. This type of training teaches kids to be comfortable around each other, have respect for the opposite sex’s abilities, and builds brave and fearless young women.


Laura and Marina’s father ” With my kids being a part of the team, they not only do more exercise, but it also provides chances for them to learn how to interact with people, especially the opposite sex, more naturally.


AIFuture manages the Chengdu Eagles, the Chengdu Falcons and the Chengdu Pandas. They also train and run adult leagues, here in Chengdu. These teams regularly represent Chengdu and compete against other Chinese cities.

This year they will represent China to challenge the USA Lions, who have won the state championship for 11 years.


Want to check it out?

AIFuture offers a free 90 minutes session to anyone that wants to enjoy an afternoon of exercise and fun.

There are four clubs in Chengdu available for training:

In the East
Eya American Football Club, No.88 Rd.Jingjusi South

City centre:
Dolphins American Football Club, Floor 12, No. 78 Chunxi Road

In the West
Shark American Football Club, No. 291 Jinpeng Road, Qingyang district
青羊区金鹏街291号 西村校区

In the South
Rams American Football Club, Floor 7, Suning Square, No.8 St. Tianfu North


To register your child needs to be
Age: 4-13
Haveo medical conditions of any heart disease and other sports-related disease

Training language:
English, with Chinese tutor who can translate during the whole process
Parents should remain on site during the free-trial class.
Students cannot leave without the company of either a coach or a parent.

What to bring?
Two T-shirts, a pair of trainers, towel, sweatpants (no tights, loose trousers or jeans).


Contact Us

Contact us for more info on 400-801-5972 or scan the QR to book a free 90-minute trial class




Author: CdExpat_Jana

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