Killing Time? Learn Chinese Online!

Thankfully the COVID-19 situation is getting more and more stable in Mainland China now,

but top epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan thinks laying low until the end of April 2020 is advised, so the country gets the all clear.

That means there may be about 30-40 days before our life goes back to normal.

Covid 19 Cases in China

Latest 24hrs News of COVID-2019 in Mainland China; 12nd March,

Newly confirmed: 15

Newly death: 11

Newly recovered : 1,318

So many of us still have lots of time to kill before everything gets back to the usual chaos of modern life,

so, why not use this chance to learn more stuff online, like Chinese?

The courses that most people have asked for so far are:

Survival Chinese

HSK Class

Comprehensive Class

Business Chinese

Chinese Character Classes

…but we also teach many more topics.

Good news is that Chengdu Chinese Corner offer all of those courses online!

Learn Chinese Online | Chengdu Expat

Chengdu Chinese Corner is the biggest private Mandarin school in Chengdu, with plenty of professional teachers, having helped over 6000 students with their Chinese study since 2006. (15% of students learning online)

Killing Time? Learn Chinese Online Killing Time? Learn Chinese Online!

How many hours do I need to finish each level?

Survival Chinese-L1 36hrs

Survival Chinese-L2 36hrs

HSK-2 48hrs

HSK-3 72hrs

HSK-4 120hrs

HSK-5/6 are depends on learner’s situations

Benefits of Learning Online

·Time Saving: No time spent commuting

·Flexible Schedule: Class from Mon to Sat 8:00-21:00. You could learn 1.5/2/3/ or more hrs/week

· Good Experience & Energy: Real time share screen/white board, easy access for all class materials)

·Effective Learning: Easily video record and review the class in the App (Zoom).

·Easily Accessed: Class could be on computer/cell.

Killing Time? Learn Chinese Online!

What are the online classes like?

Class Video


What have students said after the class?

Killing Time? Learn Chinese Online!

Plus we have:

1 hr FREE trial class before you make decision.

Promotion for March
Enroll 24 hrs, get 2 hrs free!

Enroll 48hrs or more, get 4hrs free!

Chinese Corner | Chengdu expat
Chinese Corner Mandarin Learning Center (CCM) has been serving the expat community since 2006 by teaching Mandarin.

We specializing in one-on-one/Group language and culture programs. CCM is well known for being one of the top and most professional Mandarin teaching institutions in Chengdu.

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