Places to Ski in and around Chengdu

Chengdu sure is cold this winter, but luckily it has meant great snowfall at some of the nearby ski resorts – so its time to hit the slopes! Whilst facilities and equipment don’t quite rival European or North American resorts, here are some decent options if you like skiing, snow boarding or other winter sports:


TaiziLing Ski Resort 


Address: Taizi Ridge Ski Resort, Jiuding Mountain Scenic Spot, Maoxian County


Opening Times:

Monday-Friday: 9am-5:30pm

Weekends and Holidays: 9am-6pm




Getting to Mount Jiuding

Taiziling Ski resort is known to have the best ski facilities near Chengdu and is around 3 hours drive from the city centre. You can rent a car or take their resort shuttle or a regular bus to get there. The shuttle is from South Railway Station Exit E (7 am) or Culture Palace Exit D1 (7:20 am), round day trip tickets are 108 RMB. Booking can through their resort Mini-Program (see below).

The bus leaves from Chadianzi Bus Station  茶店子汽车站 to Maoxian every hour and a half from 7am daily. The tickets are 62RMB. The bus will drop you at a petrol station at the bottom of Jiuding Shan 九鼎山. Then taxis or minivans will be waiting to take you to the top of the mountain for about 40 RMB per person. Near the top of the mountain, you have to buy a mountain pass which costs 70RMB. Student passes are 35RMB.

Staying at Mount Jiuding

The Heming Holiday Hotel 鹤鸣庄假日酒店 is located directly below the mountain and has a Variety of Restaurants, cafeterias, canteens and ski shops. Double rooms vary between 400-688RMB and rooms that sleep uo to 4 People cost between 880-1300RMB. Reservation can be made on Taobao. You can also stay at the nearest town at the Maoxian ErMa hotel 茂县尔玛酒店.

Heming Holiday Hotel

Ski-lift passes
Off peak

 268RMB for 1 day (booking on in advance)

360RMB for 1 day (purchased on the day)
Chinese new year 2019
428RMB for 1 day

Ski and Snowboard rental

Ski and snowboard rental is included in the price of your ski-lift ticket.

A deposit of 800RMB is required and will cover any damage of rental equipment. 20RMB is charged for helmet hire, and helmets are mandatory if you want to ride the main chairlift.

Best Time To Go

The best snowfall occurs from November to March and Mount Jiuding usually has approximately 80cm of snow.


Emei Mountain Leidongping Ski Resort

(Emei Mountain Scenic Spot, Leshan City)


Sichuan’s oldest ski resort in Leidongping park is a well equipped resort with lots of facilities whether you are a beginner or a professional. The Ski Resort can get very busy, especially during holidays. The resort has an altitude of 2500m and covers ski fields of almost 10 kilometers.

Getting there

By train – You can take a train from South Railway Station 火车南站 to Emei Train Station 峨嵋山站 which will take approximately 2 – 3 hours and costs 25RMB. The first and last train departs at 7:17am and 18:53pm respectively.

High-speed train from Chengdu East Railway Station 成都东站 takes just one hour and costs 65RMB.

From Emei Train Station, you can take a taxi to Mount Emei Scenic Spot. This will take approximately 15 minutes and cost you around 20RMB.

By bus – There are many buses from Chengdu North Railway Bus Station to Mount Emei Juizhu Long Distance Passengers Transportation Centre.

There are three levels of slopes and 3 snowboard trails, with heights of up to 120 meters.


Because of the proximity of Emei’s ski resort to nearby tourist spots, there are countless hotels and hostels available to book on and other booking websites.

Access to the mountain is 80RMB per person. Skiing is then priced 50RMB per hour including skis.
Helmets, boots and other gear can also all be rented.

Best Time To Go 
Between October to March there is usually snow fall up to 100cm. It is open 8.30am – 5.30pm daily.



Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort


Address: Leisure and Sports Area, the back mountain of Xiling Snow Mountain, Dayi County, Chengdu City


Tel.: 400-028-9695,  028-88309080

Getting there

   There are mixed reviews about the snow coverage in Xiling Snow Mountain, so be sure to call ahead and check conditions before you travel. Buses run from Xinnanmen Bus Station 新南门车站, Chadianzi Bus Station 茶店子车站 and East City Bus station 成都东客站 to Xiling XueShan and take two to three Hours.

Some have remarked this resort is more like an amusement park with snow, than a place with serious ski Trails. Along side more traditional skiing you can also rent snowmobiles, sledges and Play winter games.


Admission to the resort is 120RMB/person, 160RMB/person (on New Year’s Day & Spring Festival)  and other snow activities are priced individually.
Skiing is 120RMB/hour per person or 380RMB for a day pass.
Weekends and holidays are 240RMB/ 3 hours per person or 360RMB for a day pass.
Ski clothes rental begins from 50RMB per garment. There is no need to book ahead as they have 2000 sets of skis and a fleet of 35-40 snowmobiles.

Best Time To Go 
There is 60-80cm of snow between December and March, and the opening hours are 9:00am – 17:00pm.
There are some night skiing options between 19:30am and 21:30pm if you don’t mind braving the dark.


Other Resorts


There other options for skiing and other snow sports in Sichuan, such as Guangyuan Zengjia Mountain 广元曾家山滑雪场, Aba Bi Peng Gou 毕棚沟, Dujiangyan Longchi Forest Park 龙池国家森林公园, although the facilities aren’t as good as those mentioned above. What is a good option if you are looking to hit the slopes is catching the fast train to Xi’an for the weekend, where they have a some good ski resorts such as Cui Hua Mountain Ski Resort..


If you’re looking to hit the slopes in the city, this is an option in Chengdu:

Xindu JF Dry Slope Skiing


Opposite to Beixin Xiaoqu, Chengde Avenue.


Opening Times:

Monday-Friday: 13:30-17:30, 18:30-22:30

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 9:00-12:00, 13:30 -17:30, 18:30-22:30


Around 120RMB/person, recommended to book on KLOOK.



Xindu Jianfeng Dry Skiing Ground is located in Majia Town, Xindu District. This skiing ground covers an astounding area which people can ski in year-round. It covers a staggering 40,000 square meters with the skiing track being about 15,000 square meters.

There’s 10+ Dry Ski Slopes to choose from, with varying levels of difficulty ranging from the very basic slope for beginners through intermediate and advanced. They even have two slopes with a big jump where a professional can do tricks.

Author: CdExpat_Team


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