Start your first English Football Class at Little Kickers!

What is Little Kickers

Little Kickers was established in London (UK) in 2002 and now is the world’s largest provider of pre-school football classes. We are dedicated to providing all pre-school children from 18 months to 7 years old with a fun, positive introduction to football and sports.

Now there are 65,000 kids from 36 counties and regions in Little Kickers class every single week.

For past two years, Little Kickers has served more than 200 families in Chengdu, and about a dozen schools have cooperated with us by running Co-Curriculum Activities for their students. Those schools include but are not limited to:

-Léman International School Chengdu,
-BASIS International & Bilingual Schools Chengdu,
-Malvern College Chengdu,
-Chengdu Longquanyi Beanstalk School

Our Classes

We have four different football classes each tailored to a different age group.

However, we have two core beliefs that we take into every session.

Firstly, we believe in something we call “Play not Push”. It means teaching football in a fun, pressure-free environment. We want to give children a positive introduction to sport as a whole, not just football, so they’re more likely to stay healthy and active throughout their lives.

Secondly, we believe football can be educational. Coached in the right way it can stimulate imagination and aid early development skills such as learning colours and numbers, following instructions and playing as a team.

Our Venues

You can have our class at Wuhou, Jinjiang, Gaoxin and Tianfu New Area districts.


Tian Fu New Area Centre


Our classes in Tianfu New Area in running in the Léman International School. The football pitch and facilities in the school are amazing. It is also very convenient to have a good time in Luxelakes after the class.


Shen Xian Shu Centre

Shen Xian Shu Centre is very close to Tongzilin (桐梓林) area. The sport park and the hugh football pitch itself makes it a pefect place for family outing during the weekend.



Pan Cheng Gang Centre

Little Kickers 球小星欢动足球(攀成钢中心)

This Centre is 200 meters away from Dongda Road Station. It is so convenient for the families living in the Jinjiang District and the downtown.


Saiho Plaza Centre


Little Kickers球小星欢动足球(世豪广场店)

This Centre is just inside Saiho Plaza (世豪广场), which is convenient for people living from the Tianfu 1st Street to the Tianfu New Area. Indoor & outdoor pitch guarantee that our classes will be going on during the bad weather and air pollution.


Book a FREE trial class

We are offering free trial classes for the families from Chengdu-expat platform. Please add our service account and note that you are from Chengdu-expat, and we will arrange you a trial class according to the age group of you kid.



Summer Camp 2024

Little Kickers Summer Camp this year will start from July 8th. It is still going to be a half-day program, filled with fun games, drills, and matches. Please feel free to know more from our Wechat Service account.