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Eating Chengdu – Review of The Range

The Range: Home-style cooking from the American South.Experienced China restaurateurs bring some southern twang to Chengdu The Range is the newest addition to the ever-growing American dining scene in Chengdu, but this ain’t no Tex Mex place. Long time restaurateurs, and

Where Anthony Bourdain Ate in Chengdu

In October legendary chef writer and tv personality Anthony Bourdain brought his award winning CNN show to Chengdu to show off the amazing food this city has to offer. Accompanied by his friend, 3 star Michelin chef Eric Ripert, they

What Chengdu Eats on Chinese New Year

Food plays a central role in all celebrations in China and especially that of Chinese New Year. Unlike the ‘Thanksgiving Turkey’ or ‘Christmas Ham’ which are cultural standards in the West, festival foods can vary greatly from region to region

My [Tasty] Weekender.

Jordan Porter  – Gastronaught and founder of Chengdu Food Tours describes his weekend in the ‘DuCanadian born Jordan came to Chengdu in 2010 to study, but ended up embarking on a much longer journey of cultural learning and self-discovery than