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Coffee in Chengdu – The Daily Grind

Lusting after a proper cup of joe in Chengdu? The Chengdu-Expat team spills the beans on where best to get your daily caffeine hit in the ‘Du. Long gone are the days in South West China where the only coffee drinks

F&B in Chengdu: Dessert Shops

Donuts, cheesecakes, cream puffs, froze yoghurt with candy and pastries! Hungry yet?Check out these dessert shops in Chengdu:JW Frozen Yoghurt Address: Dayue Rd, Joy City F1- J11 大悦路与太平园中三路交叉口大悦城1楼悦街J11028-82363616RMB 30Address: Silver Plaza F1 left, Jinjiang District 锦江区 银石广场一楼主入口左侧(外墙大屏幕下)15892461994RMB 30Les Délices de PatouLes Délices de Patou is