Check out some real local Sichuan slang & some more Chinese internet buzzwords. Learn to speak like a local!



Xiǎo mèi er 小妹儿 = Little miss

fěnzi 粉子= Beautiful girl

lǎo tào 老套 = Boss [Literally:old things]

zhái nán 宅男 = Lazy guy (NEET, a young person who is “Not in Education, Employment, or Training“)

mèi zhǐ 妹纸 = Sister (as a friendly person)

bā shì 巴适 = Cool, awesome

guā wá zi 瓜娃子 = Retard


Internet Slang

èr 二 = Stupid [Literally: 2]

èr bǎi wǔ 二百五 = 250 = Stupid, dumb, mad (often referring to a person)

dǎ dí 打的 = To hail a cab

shǎ bī 傻屄or SB or B = Terrible, useless, stupid

niú 牛 = Cow = Strong, awesome

niú bī 牛逼 or NB = Pro (cool)

jú huā菊花= Butt, asshole [Literally: chrysanthemum]

kǒng lóng恐龙 = Ugly girl [Literally: dinosaur]

qīng wā青蛙 = Ugly guy [Literally: frog]

liú máng 流氓 = Hooligan, gangster (to joke with friends)


Dongxi 东西 can be an insult, as in ni shi shenme dongxi你是什么东西? Literally, “what kind of thing are you?”

It’s implying that the person you are insulting isn’t human, he’s a “thing.”


Want to see some 巴适的老外 communicate in local Sichuan dialect? Check out the videos below:


Foreigners from all over the world speaking Sichuanhua:



Foreigners speaking Chengdu dialect:



shuai ge 帅哥 = Handsome boy

mei nv 美女 = Beautiful girl

yi sha = Clothing

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