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11月6日/ Nov. 6: Moustache Rooftop Party


*Date/日期: Fri. Nov.6th from 6pm-1:30am / 11月6日周五晚6点到凌晨1:30

*Address/地址: No.39 South of Zhimin Road,Rooftop H-Hotel Riverside 致民东路39号,成都丽澳滨江酒店顶楼

*Ticket/门票: RMB 80, pre-sale: RMB 50 预售50元, 现场80

11月6日 Nov.6:McElroy`s Irish Pub Soft Opening


*Date/ 日期: Fri.Nov.6th/ 11月6日周五晚

*Address/ 地址: 36, 37 East Poly Centre, 1 Jinxiu Rd. 锦绣路1号保利中心东区B座1楼附36,37号


11月7日 Nov.7: Dope Sauce Party @Here We Go


*Date/日期: Sat. Nov.7th/11月7日周六晚

*Address/地址: Building 3A2103 Poly Center No.1 Jinxiu Rd 成都保利中心A座2103

*Ticket/门票: Free 免费


11月7日 Nov.7: Westbound Station Launch Party 西行驿站旅游平台开业派对

*Date/日期: Sat. Nov.7th from 7pm-9pm / 11月7日周六晚7点到9点

*Address/地址: Shenxian Tree South Road, Zishan Pedestrian Street  40 (Next to Millennium Hotel)  神仙树南路,紫杉步行街40

*Ticket/门票: Free 免费

11月7-8日/Nov.7-8 Black Rock Vintage Show  黑石复古展现

*Date/日期: Nov.7th-8th 11月7日-8日

*Address/地址: Jinjiang disctrict, HongXing Road No. 159 (4th Section of First Ring Road) East Niuwang Miao Metro Entrance & Exit  成都市锦江区锦东路1号地铁二号线牛王庙C/D出口侧【IBOX创意基地】

*Tickets/门票: Free/免费

11月8日/ Nov.8: CURA Anlong Ride 安龙骑行


*Date/日期: Sun.Nov.8 from 9am-4pm 11月8日周日早9点到下午4点

*Ticket/门票: 70 RMB

*RSVP by emailing cura2005@126.com 

周三 11月11日/Wed Nov. 11: Beer Nest I & II 啤酒窝酒吧/餐吧

Before 9pm Ladies that follow their WeChat enjoy 1 FREE Liefmans


*Address/地址: 人民南路四段48号附32号,首座万里商业街1楼 Renmin South Road Section 4 – No. 48-32, Master Commercial Street

*Address/地址: 武侯区锦绣路34-7号 Wuhou District, Jinxiu Road 34-7


周三 11月11日/Wed Nov. 11: Amore Pizza

*Time/时间: 7pm/晚7点

*Address/地址: No 10, Bloc 1, No 8 TianXianQiao South Road, Tangba street, Jinjiang District  锦江区蹚鈀街天仙桥南路10号

周三 11月11日/Wed Nov.11: Here We Go

*Address/地址: Building 3A 2103 Poly Center No.1 Jinxiu Rd 成都保利中心A座2103

周三11月11日/Wed Nov.11: V+Lounge成都

*Address/地址: BaiYang building 37 floor., Royal Street No. 18, Jinjiang District 锦江区东御街18号白扬大厦37楼

周三 11月11日/Wed Nov.11: Whickers胡须咖啡酒吧馆

100 RMB For 4 shots、30 RMB For the cupid

*Time/时间: 7pm/晚7点

*Address/地址: 37 Shui Nian He Nan San Jie, NiuShiKou, Jinjiang District 成都锦江区水碾河南三街37号(近轿子音乐厅)


11月12日/ Nov.12: Hiphop Thurday @OP CLUB

*Date/日期: Thur.Nov.12 from 21:30pm 11月12日周四晚9:30

*Address/地址: Wuhou District, Jinxiu road No. 1, Building D, Poly Centre F6, 607 & 608 成都市武侯区锦绣路1号保利中心D座607&608


11月11-14日/ Nov.11-14: The St. Regis Chengdu Hats Off

A culinary road show featuring celebrity chefs Brad Turley and Eduardo Vargas. Lunch buffet, dinner buffet, gala dinner. Different times & prices. For reservations, please call (028)62830655 or email claire.gao@stregis.com

Address: Qingyang District, TaiSheng South Road No. 88 青羊太升南路88号

Different times (lunch & dinner)


11月13日/Nov.13: Gastronomic Dinner @ Jinyue Restaurant

*日程/Date: Fri. Nov.13 from 6:30pm 11月13日周五晚6:30

*Address/地址: 5F, VIP building of Jinjiang Hotel, No 80 Renmin South Ave, JinYue French Restaurant 人民南路80号锦江宾馆贵宾楼5楼,锦悦法餐厅

*Tickets/门票:Adult/成人 450 RMB, Kid/儿童 118 RMB (Limited Seats/座位: 40)


11月14号/Nov.14: CIWC Holiday Bazaar成都国际妇女俱乐部节日义卖会

This annual Holiday Bazaar, now in its 10th year, has become an important event on the Chengdu calendar, and a meaningful way for companies and individuals to support local charities.
Key words: entertainment, handicrafts, gift shopping, delicious food, silent auction, live music and fun games for the children.
All funds raised will go to 4 carefully selected local charities/ organizations. Shuttle busses leave every half an hour (9:30am till 2pm) from Kempinski Hotel. RMB 25 Entry fee

*Date/日期: 11月14日/ Nov. 14th, 10am-4pm

*Address/地址: 68 Tonggui Road, Jingjiang District 锦江区通桂路68号

*Tickets/门票: RMB 25 (100% to charity)


11月14日/ Nov.14: 1st Anniversary of Mist 1周年庆 @Here We Go

*Date/日期: Sat. Nov.14 from 22:00pm 11月14日周六晚10点

*Address/地址: Building 3A2103 Poly Center No.1 Jinxiu Rd 成都保利中心A座2103

*Tickets/门票: RMB 70, pre-sale: RMB 50 预售50元, 现场70元


11月14日/ Nov. 14: The CRFC Panda`s Old Time


*Time/时间:  1pm/午1时

*Address/地址: Tai pin si West Road


11月14日/ Nov. 14: Euseng Seto (Flica) @New Little Bar 小酒馆

*Time/时间:  8pm/晚8时

*Address/地址: No.87-5, Fangqin Road 芳沁街87号附5号

*Ticket/门票: RMB 80, pre-sale: RMB 60 网络预售60元, 现场80元

*Tel/ 电话: 028-85158790


11月15日/ Nov. 15: Miss Mix More Than Girl @New Little Bar 小酒馆

*Time/时间: 8pm/晚8时

*Address/地址: No.87-5, Fangqin Road 芳沁街87号附5号

*Ticket/门票: RMB 60, pre-sale: RMB 50 网络预售50元, 现场60元

*Tel/ 电话: 028-85158790

11月17日/ Nov. 17: Bang Gang @Little Bar MiXC City 小酒馆音乐空间

*Date/日期: Fri, Nov. 17th from 8pm 11月17日周五晚8时

*Address/地址: Chenghua District, Shuangqing Road No. 8 (2nd ring) 成华区双庆路8号万象城1期B1层喷泉广场B120号

*Ticket/门票: RMB 160, pre-sale: RMB 130 网络预售130元, 现场160元


周三 11月18日/Wed Nov. 18: Chengdu Entrepreneurship Meetup 成都企业家活动

Topic: “The Business of Fun: Chengdu’s Gaming Industry” ?

*Date/日期: Wed., Nov. 18th, 7:30pm 11月18日周三晚7:30时

*Address/地址: 人民南路四段48号附32号,首座万里商业街1楼 Renmin South Road Section 4 – No. 48-32, Master Commercial Street

*Ticket/门票: Free 免费


11月19日/ Nov. 19: Inter-Chamber Networking

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce in is glad to invite you at it’s first business gathering in Chengdu.

*Venue/场地: Basicilo Italian Restaurant

*Time/时间: 18:30pm-21:00pm

*Address/地址: Wuhou District, Xinxiwang Road No. 4


*Ticket/门票: Members 100 RMB, non-members 120 RMB (includes two complimentary drinks winebeersoft drinks and free flow Italian buffet. 20% off on all the other drinks)

11月19日/ Nov. 19: La Cave Wine Event

11月19日/ Nov. 19: Frenchies Thursday Apero

周五 11月20日/Fri Nov.20: Pajamas Night

*Venue/场地: The Prive Club

*Time/时间: starts 9pm / 周五晚9点

*Address/地址: The Ascott 38F (Raffles City) 人民南路四段3号雅诗阁酒店38楼 Prive Club

*Ticket/门票: RMB 168, pre-sale: RMB 118 网络预售118元, 现场168元 [send us a message for RMB 10 discount]

周五 11月20日/Fri Nov.20CCI France Chine Versailles 2015

*Venue/场地Sofitel Wanda Hotel 索菲特万达大饭店

*Time/时间: 6:30pm-11:30pm

*Address/地址:No.15, Middle Binjiang Road 滨江中路15号

*Dress code/着装要求: Cocktail Dress/ Black Tie 黑领带

*Ticket/门票: 400 RMB. Registration: assistant.chengdu@ccifc.org


周六11月21日/Sat Nov.21: Influx (Techno)

*Venue/场地: Here we Go

*Time/时间: 10pm/晚10点

*Address/地址: Building 3A 2103 Poly Center No.1 Jinxiu Rd 成都保利中心A座2103


周六 11月21日/Sat Nov.21: 2015 Southwest China Cup 成都vs重庆老外“血战到底”

Chengdu vs. Chongqing Football.

Music, food an drink at the pitch.

*Venue/场地: University of Electronic Science and Technology 成都电子科技大学内

*Time/时间: Starts 12pm (noon)/午12点


周日 11月22日/Sun Nov.22: Tairan Ashura 泰然阿修罗

*Venue/场地: Little Bar MiXC 万象城小酒馆音乐空间

*Time/时间: 8:30pm/晚8:30

*Address/地址: Chenghua District, Shuangqing Road No. 8 (2nd ring) 成华区双庆路8号万象城1期B1层喷泉广场B120号

*Ticket/门票: RMB 80, pre-sale: RMB 60 网络预售80元, 现场100元


周日 11月22日/Sun Nov.22: Honig+Jonas David

*Venue/场地: New Little Bar 小酒馆

*Time/时间: 8pm/晚8时

*Address/地址: No.87-5, Fangqin Road 芳沁街87号附5号

*Ticket/门票: RMB 80, pre-sale: RMB 60 网络预售60元, 现场80元

*Tel/ 电话: 028-85158790

Check out where to enjoy Turkey for Thanksgivings in the ‘Du..

Nov. 23-26/ 11月23-26日: Iron Pig

Wood smoked Turkey with cranberry sauce, traditional stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, candied yams, green beans.
*Venue/场地: Iron Pig American BBQ

*Address/地址: Tongzilin South Road No. 9-24 桐梓林南路9号附24号

*Time/ 时间: Dinner, as long as supplies last…

*Price/价格: 120 RMB/ plate

*Reservation and whole turkey requests: call Justin (18382125888)


周二 11月24日/Tue Nov.24: ‘Glenn Wool’ stand up comedy 喜剧表演

*Venue/场地: The Bookworm 老书虫

*Time/时间: 8pm/晚8点

*Contact/联系方式: 13761764438 (for more info/获得更多信息)


Nov. 24-28th/ 11月24-28日: Leanna`s

Roast Turkey & Ham, seasoned stuffing, cubed or mashed potatoes, gravy, steamed veggies, salad & dinner roll, spiced apple cider, coffee/ tea & dessert.

*Venue/场地: Leanna`s Restaurant & Bakery

*Address/地址: Feng Shang Guo Ji, 2Gao Sheng Qiao Nan Jie, 2nd fl,#65 高升桥南街风尚国际2层65号

*Price/价格: RMB 128 (半餐),  RMB 178 All you can eat (全餐)

*Tel/电话: 028-85582088

Nov. 26/ 11月26日SPICES Thanksgiving Dinner

Enjoy a sumptuous dinner at SPICES to pamper your senses during this special holiday. Choose from time-tested favorites from all over the world and watch as fresh ingredients are transformed to vibrant creations at their chefs’ live cookint stations.

*Venue/场地SPICES All-Day Dining Restaurant @ The Ritz-Carlton, Chengdu 成都富力丽思卡尔顿酒店

*Address/ 地址: 269 Shuncheng Avenue, Qingyang District 成都市青羊区顺城大街269号

*Time/ 时间: 5:30pm-9:30pm/ 晚5点30到9点30

*Price/ 价钱:RMB 398+15% service/ 398元+15%服务费


11月25日/Nov. 25: Air Quality in School and at the Home 学校及家庭室内空气质量维护

The bookworm event

*Date/ 日期: Wed Nov. 25th/ 11月25号

*Time/ 时间: 12pm-2pm/中午12点-2点

*Venue/ 地点: The Boookworm 老书虫餐吧

11月26日/Nov. 26: HUCCI中国巡演成都站

*Date/ 日期: Thurs Nov. 26th/ 11月26号

*Time/ 时间: 8pm/晚8点

*Venue/ 地点: NASA CDC

*Address/ 地址: Room1903,Builiding A of poly center,Jinxiu street 武侯区锦绣路保利中心东区A座19楼1901-1904

Nov. 26/ 11月26日: Lazy Pug

Turkey plates and drinks specials.

*Venue/场地: The Lazy Pug

*Address/地址: The Master Building on Renmin South Road, #48 人民南路首座48号

*Time/ 时间: 4pm-10pm

*Price/价格: RMB 288/PP(每人), RMB 130/child under 13(十三岁以下)

Nov. 26/ 11月26日: Peter`s Tex Mex

*Venue/场地Peter`s Tex Mex 皮德西餐厅

*Address/ 地址: No.12, Tongzilin East Rd 成都市桐梓林东路12号

*Tel/电话: 028-85180903


Thu. Nov. 26/ 11月26日Rumba

*Venue/场地Rumba 兰姆吧拉美风情餐吧

*Address/ 地址: No. 1 Jinguanyijie Building 4 No.4-5 锦官驿街1号4栋4-5号

*Price/ 价钱:RMB 198 PP(当晚每人)

See menu above, reserve your imported whole roast Turkey for 898 RMB for dine-in or pick-up now. 也可以提前预定一整只美国进口烤火鸡。

*Booking number/预定电话: 028-657176399

Thu. Nov.26/11月26日Shangri-La, Café Z

American Thanksgiving Buffet Dinner, incl. succulent classic dishes, amazing kids’ corner and international band performance.

*Venue/场地: Shangri-La, Café Z

*Address/地址: Binjiang East Road No. 9 滨江东路9号

*Time/ 时间: 17:30 – 21:00

*Price/价格: Starting from RMB 188/ person +15% service charge (free flow of soft drinks & juice)

*Reservation: (028) 8888 9999


周四 11月26日/Thurs Nov.26: AmCham Thanksgiving Dinner Gala 美国商会感恩节联谊晚宴

*Venue/场地: 2F, Ballroom, Millennium Hotel Chengdu 成都新东方千禧大酒店 2楼宴会厅

*Address/地址: No.41 South Shen Xian Shu Road Hi-Tech District 神仙树南路41号

*Time/ 时间: 6pm-9pm

*Price/价格: 1 free attendee per member company 每家会员公司享受一位免费名额

Additional guests/超出人数: RMB 200 member/会员; RMB 300 non-member/非会员

*Booking/预订: amcham@amcham-southwest.org、028-85268761


周四 11月26日/Thu. Nov.26: Whiskers Bar 胡须酒吧

Special Drinks for 30 RMB 特调饮品仅30元

*Time/时间: 7pm/晚7点

*Address/地址: 成都锦江区水碾河南三街37号(近轿子音乐厅) 37 Shui Nian He Nan San Jie, NiuShiKou, Jinjiang District

*Entrance/门票: Free 免费


周五 11月27日/Fri Nov.27: European Chamber 10th Anniversary Gala night 欧盟商会十周年庆典晚宴

*Time/时间: 6:30pm

*Price/价格: Member 会员 220 RMB, Non Member 非会员 400 RMB (Buy 3 Get 1 Free 买三赠一)

*Dress Code/着装要求: Creative Black Tie, Cocktail Attire or National Costume 富有创意的黑色西服,鸡尾酒晚装或各国传统服装

*Address/地址: St Regis Chengdu, 88 Taisheng Road South, Qingyang District 青羊区太升南路 88 号, 成都瑞吉酒店

*Booking/预订: xzzhang@europeanchamber.com.cn


11月27日/Nov. 27: 骑行|Books & Bikes野猫赛 Rides|Books & Bikes Alleycat


This race is a benefit. To enter you must bring a book donation.  You need at least one book to enter, but we’re happy to take more!  Please, no text books.  

*Date/ 日期: Fri Nov. 27/ 11月27号

*Time/ 时间: Starts 6pmNatooke成都

*Address/ 地址: 16 Linjiang Middle Rd 临江中路16号

11月27日/Nov. 27: Hip Hop Night 嘻哈之夜Hip Hop Night at Here We Go

*Date/ 日期: Fri Nov. 27th/ 11月27号

*Venue/ 地点: Here We Go

*Address/ 地址: Building 3A2103 Poly Center No.1 Jinxiu Rd 成都保利中心A座2103

*Entrance/门票: Free 免费


周六 11月28日/Sat Nov.28Cheers Wines New Store Opening 齐饮新店开业派对*Time/ 时间: 11am – late (around 2am)

*Address/地址: F1, Unit 2, 54 Hongji Middle Road, Jinjiang District 锦江区宏济中路54号2栋1层

*Tel/电话: 15201468158


周六 11月28日/Sat Nov. 28: Proximity Butterfly Medusae Tour 

*Venue/场地: New Little Bar 小酒馆

*Time/时间: 8:30pm/晚8点半

*Address/地址Chenghua District, Shuangqing Road No. 8 (2nd ring) 成华区双庆路8号万象城1期B1层喷泉广场B120号

*Ticket/门票: RMB 80, pre-sale: RMB 60 网络预售60元, 现场80元

*Tel/ 电话: 028-85158790


11月28日/Nov. 28: Yang Bing/Blue NightYang Bing/Blue Night at Here We Go

*Date/ 日期: Sat Nov. 28th/ 11月28号

*Venue/ 地点: Here We Go

*Address/ 地址: Building 3A2103 Poly Center No.1 Jinxiu Rd 成都保利中心A座2103

*Entrance/门票: Preasle/预售 RMB 30, Door/现场 RMB 50

11月27-28日/Nov. 27-28: FLAIR Winter Party


*Date/ 日期: Nov. 27-28th/ 11月27-28号

*Time/ 时间: Starts 9pm to late

*Address/ 地址: F, 27floors, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel 成都富力丽思卡尔顿酒店27层F


9月26-12月31日/ Till Dec.31: Blue Roof Art Festival  蓝顶艺术节

This festival will feature cross-border integration, interactive experience and fashion & fun to make itself an art carnival of mass involvement. Colorful activities will be staged during the three-month period.

*Date/时间: Sep.26th-Dec.31st 9月26日 至 12月31日

*Address/地址: Jingjiang District, Flower Town, Lotus Moonlight Complex, Area A 锦江区三圣乡荷塘月色A区

10月17日-12月17日/ Till Dec.17th: Trois Siècles D’èlègance: Exhibition of Porcelain Works from France 金沙博物馆看法国“官窑”

This exhibition at the Jinsha Site displays over 100 pieces of fine porcelain works.

During the show is also an exhibition of some pottery items unearthed from the Jinsha Site and ceramic ware unearthed from the Qionglai kiln.

The artifacts come from the Nationale de Sèvres (a porcelain factory in France which used to be the royal porcelain factory) and has developed into a leading ceramic manufacturer in Europe since late 18th century.

*Date/时间: Oct.17th-Dec.17th 10月17日 至 12月17日

*Address/地址: 2 Jingsha Site Road, Chengdu Jing Sha Site Museum 金沙遗址路2号,金沙遗址博物馆


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