Love it, or loathe it, Halloween is fast approaching. That means the time has come to choose your spooky costumes. It seems as though this holiday largely celebrated in the past by Americans, has provided Chinese stores with the perfect shelf filler between the mooncakes, and  Chinese New Year goodies…

More decorations and costumes are popping up in supermarkets and convenience stores in Chengdu, but Taobao 淘宝 of course is still king if you want to take first prize at the costume party. Here’s where to get fanged in the city:

Physical Stores


Sam’s Club, Metro, Carrefour, Ito Yokado, Auchan, Walmart and even shop like 7Eleven, Family Mart, Miniso have accessories and often halloween candy this year. You can find your nearest hypermarket by scanning the ChengduExpat+ Mini Program below, then use the search function.


Hehuachi Wholesale Market 金荷花

Located not too far from the North Train Station, this multi purpose market is considered as Chengdu’s “offline Taobao”, having tons of clothing options, from traditional Chinese style to more avante-guarde items. WARNING: this is not a small market, so requires some dedication, but they have many womens, mens and childrens items.

Address: Beizhan Dongyi Rd. No. 18, Jinniu District 金牛区北站东一路18号

700m walk from Line 1 Renmin North Station Exit B1

Sichuan Conservatory Of Music or Shaanxi Street

For Costume Hire

Both of these Chengdu streets are located in the city centre and are chock full of costumes for hire – with prices ranging from 50-300RMB a day – don’t be afraid to bargain. Most of the costumes can even be bought for keeps if you don’t want to return it.

They don’t have a very spooky selection, but if you’re looking for Monkey King/Hanfu/cloak combos, this is the place.

1) Shiernan street 十二南街

Right by the Sichuan Conservatory of Music, on Shiernan street has lot’s of traditional Chinese costumes, and lots of sequinned dance clothes. It’s also a great place to snap up a sparkly dress for your company’s Chinese New Year party, if you find yourself in a bind.

Address: 十二南街 (在四川音乐学院的附近)

Shiernan Street, near the Sichuan Conservatory of Music.
Some of the costume hire shops on 十二南街

2) Shaanxi street 陕西街

This street south of Tianfu Square is home to several tailors, and several costume shops. Lots of fun dresses and accessories to spice-up any kind of party…

Address: Shaanxi Street (southwest of Tianfu Square) 陕西街

In between Line 1 Jinjiang Hotel/ Tianfu Square stops.

Ole’ Supermarket

Don’t feel like going to specific places just for Halloween? Ole’ supermarket in Chengdu is located in Taikoo Li and MIXC, it is easy for you to buy holiday decors while shopping here.


1.Taikoo Li: M053, B1,No.8 Shamao Street, Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li, Jinjiang District
2.MIXC: B106,B1,No.8 Shuangqing Road, MIXCity


Ito Yokado

Ito is a Japanese supermarket selling candy and some Halloween accessories. They also have pumpkins and other autumn squashs, which would be great for a halloween display.


1.Wanda Plaza Branch: East 2rd Ring Road, Jinjiang District

万达店: 锦江区二环路东五段万达广场

2.Shuangnan Branch: 1~4F, No.6, Yidu Road, Wuhou District

双楠店: 武侯区二环路西一段逸都路6号1-4楼

3.Gao Xin Branch: Shihao plaza, Jiannan Avenue, Gaoxin District

高新店: 剑南大道花荫路口世豪广场

4.Chunxi Branch: No.8, Zhengke Jia Alley, Jinjiang District

春熙店: 锦江区正科甲巷8号


METRO Supermarket

METRO is an American style wholesale supermarket – you need to be a member, but you can easily sign up at the entrance by scanning a QR code. Also, METRO have a great range of Halloween candy, decorations and a few costume accessories.


1. Qingjiang Middle Rd, Qingyang District 青羊区清江中路1号

2. B1 No.1033 Second Tianfu Street, Gaoxin District 高新区天府二街1033号B1

3. B1 No.789 Shangshahepu Street, Jinjiang District 锦江区上沙河铺街789号B1

and more


Toy R Us

​Toys R Us has a great range of childrens costumes and halloween accessories. They have branches at Ufun, IFS, Wanda Plaza, MiXCity and CapitaMalls Jinniu.

5F, Mix City, No.8 Shuangqing Road, Chenghua District


LG2, IFS Chengdu, No.1 3rd Section Hongxing Road


4F, CapitaMall, No.183 Jiaoda Road, Jinniu District

Global Center 3F, Gaoxin District


4F, Ufun Mall, No.300, Jiaozi Dadao, Wuhou District


and more

7-Eleven, FamilyMart

7-Eleven and Family Mart are other 24-hours convenient stores, that are located in many of the inner city neighbourhoods. Bigger stores sell some face paint, accessories, small decorations and candy. They provide Halloween special desserts and decors.



At or taobao APP, you can buy everything you’ve ever needed or wanted. If you’re running short of time, you can select stores that are based in Chengdu to make sure your costume or pumpkin lanterns are delivered on time.