• If learning Chinese is one of your New Year’s resolutions, then this is the place for you. Omeida Chinese Academy offers various programs to suit everyone’s needs. Their Standard Chinese Immersion Program offers a full immersion in the language, culture, and traditions of China while enjoying the majestic view of Yangshuo in Guilin.

• Start your program any Monday of the month and stay as long as you want. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced speaker, we’ll get you into the right program!

 Learn Chinese Program Highlights

• Learn and improve your Chinese through our interactive, engaging and hands-on lessons.

• Explore China’s rich culture through activities such as culture classes, Tai Chi classes, cooking classes, etc.

• Experience life as a local student in China by interacting with the locals and our native Chinese-speaking teachers and language partners during the program.

• Live comfortably in a private or shared room at our designated dorms around the school’s premises.

• Meet and connect with people from all around the world. We create a warm and welcoming space where you can connect, share interests, passions, goals, etc.


 About Omeida Chinese Academy

Located in the majestic and picturesque town of Yangshuo in Guilin, Omeida Chinese Academy was founded by the same founders of Omeida English College in 2008 with the vision of giving a full immersion experience for foreign students to interact with the local Chinese students from the English Academy.

To date, Omeida Academy has welcomed thousands of students from different backgrounds to study through our programs and bespoke academic activities.

 Chinese Programs for Winter

Standard Chinese Course

At Omeida Chinese Academy, we provide you with a Standard Chinese study course. We teach you the four fundamental aspects of listening, speaking, reading, and writing of pinyin and Simplified Chinese characters while helping you focus more on practicing conversations. These skills are integrated and taught simultaneously.

As a student, you will have three, 45-minute long Chinese language lessons per day. That is a total of 15 lessons a week.

The day is divided into 3 classes either in the morning from 9:25-12 noon or from 2-4:35 pm. The curriculum is a set program covering the basics of the Mandarin language.

Intensive Chinese Course

Looking for a more bespoke and quick way of intensifying your Chinese skills? Our Intensive Chinese course is the right one for you!

Since it is designed to get you up and running with your Chinese, you will have six 45-minute long Chinese language lessons per day with a total of 30 lessons a week.

Your day will be divided into 3 classes in the morning and 3 classes in the afternoon.

Other Chinese Courses

At Omeida Chinese Academy, we also offer courses like HSK Preparation Course, Part-Time Chinese Course, Summer and Winter Camp, and Online Chinese Course. If you have any preference or a specific program that you need, please contact us and we will make sure to attend to your request.

 Be a Volunteer

It depends on your course choice and duration, so chat to the Course Consultant who will explain the fees.

If you’re on a budget and looking to save some while learning Chinese, you can help support the English Academy’s students by engaging in a conversation with them or help us with other needs for 2 hours on a daily basis like marketing, blog writing, photography, video editing, website maintenance and development, and many others. In exchange, we will provide you with a discounted tuition fee and other perks.

This volunteer program provides you with a chance to experience ‘real’ China and get some international work experience. You will also meet many Chinese students who are learning English, so you can ask any burning questions like “What is the translation of Coca-Cola in Chinese?” and “Does the Government really make it rain?”

 Become a Teacher

Would you like to teach English in a beautiful and relaxing place like Yangshuo? This might be just what you’re looking for! We are currently hiring ESL teachers for 2022 from February onward. With small class sizes and highly motivated adult learners, you can definitely maximize the efficiency and productivity in the classroom!

 Welcome to Omeida

We believe that the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in the culture. Omeida Academy is proud to be located in the serene town of Yangshuo. It’s a very beautiful relaxing place to learn Chinese and to escape the busy city life. Here you can enjoy the fresh air and outdoor adventures such as rock climbing and cycling.

For more information about Things to do in Yangshuo check out their blog and contact them if you have other general questions.

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Spend some time improving your Chinese, and your employment prospects, in one of China’s most beautiful places.

Have we managed to persuade you to pack your bags and leave for Yangshuo? And if packing up is too much of a chore, they also offer Online Classes. Hit them up by clicking scanning the QR code below, or click “Read More” down the article.


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