10 Things To Do During The Virus

It is certainly a strange time to be in China… 

The streets are deserted, stores are closed, returning to work has been postponed, and most people are staying inside to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Some of us are still considering if staying here is the right thing to do…  If you are, an article we published a few days ago may be of some use: Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

10 Things To Do During The Virus | Chengdu Expat

However if like us; you have pets, your country has already closed it’s borders, or you have faith we’re almost over the worst, and have decided to stay; here are some things to keep you from going crazy, or divorcing your husband/wife/significant other during this trying time:

1. Set goals

10 Things To Do During The Virus

So you have more time on your hands and hey, it’s still kind of New Year, so why don’t you set yourself some goals, and even start executing them. Here’s some tips!

Set SMART Goals; specific, measurable attainable, realistic, and time bound goals:
Make your goal clear, well defined, accessible and easy. Be as precise as you can, with amounts, dates (needs to have a deadline), measurements so that you can see your successes clearly.

Set attainable and relevant goals
Make sure that it’s possible to achieve the goals you set, or it will demoralize yourself. Also make sure goals should be relevant to the direction you want your life and career to take.

Set goals in writing, and make an action plan
The physical act of writing down a goal makes it more real and accessible.

Writing out your goals will makes it more real and accessible. Also put the individual steps on paper, then crossing each one off as you complete it, you’ll realize that you are making progress towards your ultimate goal.


2. Join million others to watch China build coronavirus hospitals

Streams from the construction sites of two new temporary medical facilities at the epicenter of the outbreak attract a supportive audience.

It has low production values and no celebrities but millions of people in China are tuning in to watch a gripping kind of reality programme – the live feeds of construction of two temporary hospitals to treat patients at the heart of the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

Click here to see the construction video

The two hospitals – Huoshenshan and Leishenshan – are expected to be completed next week, adding 2,300 beds to help ease an acute shortage in the central Chinese city of Wuhan.

3. Learn a New Skill with Free Online Courses

The internet is full of opportunity to up-skill ourselves in so many ways. From IT and coding, through to learning new languages or courses in psychology and everything in between, there are many online tools that can help you learn just about anything you’d like and for free. Take some time for yourself and go back to education for a while.

Check out this link, it has some great resources

 👉  https://wakeup-world.com/2011/06/20/100-free-online-tools-to-learn-a-new-skill-in-almost-anything/ 

4. Movies, series and more

With cinemas closed and the latest releases postponed, take a moment to catch up on all those award-winning films you missed. Binge-watch your favorite TV show or catch up on all of last year’s Oscar winners that you never got around to watching. Hit play on Chinese blockbusters like The Wandering Earth and Ne Zha or rewind with historical favorites like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Farewell My Concubin. Snacks highly recommended.We highly suspect this is what most of us have been doing a lot of… a little more, won’t hurt.

Recommended tools:

1. Netflix
2. Free in China, and work great if you don’t have VEEPN 
👉 Aiqiyi 爱奇艺, Tencent 腾讯 and Youku 优酷

3. 👉  RenRen 人人视频If you like watching shows that you normally watch back home and you have difficulty streaming them, we recommend you download an app called: 人人视频 by copying and pasting this app name in your app store.

This app will allow you to easily stream most of the popular American shows such as Hit Zone, Breaking Bad, Why Women Kill, Black Mirror, Prison Break, etc.

This app is easily available on Android phones, however, for iOS phones, you might have to switch your app store to China to download it. To do that you have to go to your Apps Store Account Settings and change the “Country/Region”.

Once you download the app, you will be able to search for your favorite shows and hopefully find what you are looking for. Also, you will most likely be prompted to enter your Chinese phone number to get a code and input it to be able to start watching.

5. (Audio)Books and Podcasts

Staying inside doesn’t mean you can’t stay in touch with the outside world. Take a break from social media and, stay with me, read a book or listen to a podcast. Unplug for a few hours (or a full day, if you can make it) and spend time truly relaxing, sans screens. Your eyes will thank you.

For books, the easiest way should be to ask your buddies (posting a request on your Moments), or can get the books of you choice via Jingdong. Audiobooks are another option, one to learn Chinese we’d recommend is  👉 喜马拉雅 Ximalaya FM for free, popular stories in Chinese. Or checking out   👉 audiobooks.org or audiobooks on the appstore  for some free English language ones. 

There are tons of China podcasts out there for your listening pleasure. Hear the latest news on Sinica or The Little Red Podcast, venture back in time with The China History Podcast, tune into the world of technology on China Tech Talk, laugh it off with Kung Fu Komedy, get cultured with NüVoices and more. Fill the silence with the voices of informed and entertaining individuals – endless knowledge awaits. We wanted to give a heads up about Chengdu’s very own podcast, BeeNow by Arya, one of them interview our founder giving a wider view of Chengdu.

10 Things To Do During The Virus - (Audio)Books and Podcasts | Chengdu Expat

6. (Board)Games

Got an Xbox, PlayStation, Switch or other gaming console? Great time to bring it out. As our Buy & Sell group recently has several people offering games, add Chengdu-Expat2 WeChat ID to be added to the group.

Or why not play some good old board games. Monopoly, Twister, Settlers of Catan, Uno, Chess, Games against Humanity, Explosion Kittens etc. Head to Toys R Us IFS, Global Center or UFun to get your game on!

7. Clean or Redecorate your Apartment

Yawn… We Know. Whilst it’s not the most glamorous job, having a clean, tidy, cosy place to spend time can make a massive difference to your morale and wellbeing.10 Things To Do During The Virus - Clean or Redecorate your Apartment | Chengdu Expat

IKEA closed their doors beginning of February, though you can check the Buy & Sell groups for those shelving units you’ve been day dreaming about. If you need a little help throwing things out… check out  👉 Maria Kondo  for some tidy zenspiration.

8. Cook

Your local vegetable store has stoked up again, so not try some cooking? In our busy lives, we probably order way too much waimai and eat out more than we would back home.

10 Things To Do During The Virus - Cook | Chengdu Expat

YouTube is chock full of killer content ; Kitchen Stories, 下厨房, etc. but if you’d like to learn to cook some local chow – check out Fuchsia Dunlop’s books and videos. She was the first foreinger allowed into the Sichuan Culinary Institute.

9. Keep active!

Indoor Sports: Check online for Yoga, HIIT, etc. Squats. lunges, step ups, push ups, burpees, mountain climbers, and so many other more exercise you can do at home.

4 tips to get the most out of your home workout
  • Put some music on – it’s motivating, a scientific fact.
  • Workout with a partner. If you have someone to do the workout with you it will be a lot more effective.
  • Schedule your workouts and do them regularly. Write it down and book it in.
  •  Turn your mobile phone off and ensure there are no distractions.

A good Chinese APP that has made great content following the viral outbreak, especially for home workouts is  👉 KEEP.

Outdoor Activities: With gyms closed across the country, High Intensity Interval Training can be a great way to get the blood flowing and increase endorphins – they are short bursts of high intensity exercises such as squats, punches and running on the spot, followed by a short period of rest. There are plenty of free HIIT workouts that can be found online, only take 20-30 minutes and many don’t need any equipment at all. Or why don’t you hop on your (Mo)bike, or take the bus or metro a more remote area to and have a walk or run.

10. Volunteer Virtually

At a time of crisis people are often looking for a way to give back to others. Luckily the internet connects us all and has a wealth of ways you can do that from the comfort of your own home, including being a career mentor on LinkedIn and becoming a UN Volunteer. Find more opportunities to help with proofreading, emotional support, transcriptions, creating blankets for those in need, and SO much more here.

Extra! Online Chinese Course

The teachers from That’s Chinese decided to start flexible (1-1 or group) online Chinese classes, providing comprehensive courses, HSK preparation and more. They also run a special during the month of February.

If you’d like to know more about their courses or apply for their free trial class, extract the QR code below

Sources: SCMP, CQGuide.

What keeps you busy?

Let us know in the comments!

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