Finally it seems that nationwide efforts to control COVID-19, are achieving the desired results, but we’re still not quite at the turning point. We can’t tell for sure how the epidemic may further develop, nor rule out the possibility of recurrence. Even though Chengdu didn’t report many new cases reported in Chengdu and life is slowly getting back to normal. The situation remains severe and complex, not leaving any room for error.

Since March 28th, China temporarily suspended the entry into China by foreign nationals (more info, click here). Since March 18th, 24 hours compulsory quarantine for testing for almost all arrivals now at CTU + 14 Days mandatory quarantine at a government-designated location if visited high-risk countries -for more detailed information, click here.

Throughout this time, here are some facts we’ve put together, that might be pip your interest:

Confirmed Cases and Geographical Distribution (Apr. 23th, 11:15)

As of April 23th 00:00, there are 561 confirmed Coronavirus cases in Sichuan.

Among the 561 confirmed patients, 4 were hospitalized for isolation treatment, 557 were cured and 3 died. There are 0 suspected cases. 99 close contacts are currently undergoing medical observation.

Sichuan: 561 confirmed cases, all quarantined.

Dead: 3, 0 in critical condition. Recovered: 557.

Guangan: 30, Mianyang: 22, Nanchong: 39, Zigong: 9, Dazhou: 42, Deyang: 18, Yibin: 12, Neijiang: 22, Luzhou: 24, Suining: 17, Bazhong: 24, Ganzi: 78, Liangshan: 13, Ya’an: 7, Leshan: 3, Ziyang: 4, Guangyuan: 6, Meishan: 8, Panzhihua: 16, Aba: 1.

Of these, 166 confirmed cases are in Chengdu. Down the image the numbers per area:

Chenghua District: 15, Gaoxin District: 19, Jinjiang District: 11, Qingyang District: 5, Wenjiang District: 7, Wuhou District 15, Qionglai: 5, Jianyang: 2, Qingbaijiang: 7, Jintang County: 8, Dayi County: 8, Xinjin County: 2, Jinniu District: 11, Shuangliu District: 3, Pidu District: 7, Xindu District: 2, Longquanyi District: 4, Tianfu New District: 10, Others: 25 (from airpot or train station, imported cases )

All districts in Chengdu are low-risk areas as of Mar.18th.

Sichuan: Daily numbers of new Coronavirus cases

Orange: confirmed cases, green: suspected cases

Nationwide COVID-19 control efforts have achieved initial results, but the turning point is yet to come. We can neither tell for sure how the epidemic may further develop nor rule out its possibility of recurrence. The situation remains severe and complex, allowing no room for laxity.

Public emergency level in Sichuan drops to the lowest

Based on the positive results, the Sichuan Provincial Emergency Committee decided to reduce the Coronavirus prevention and control primary response to the lowest existing. Coronavirus anti-epidemic and control through relevant laws and regulations will still be enforced throughout the province.

All localities have been requested to work out targeted prevention and control plans by following the requirements of prevention and control at different levels in line with the local situation.

Measurements and Restrictions

It is strongly suggested to stay inside, avoid any travel or spending extended periods of time in public places, wear a mask, don’t touch your face and wash your hands regularly. It has been confirmed that the virus may be transmitted by people who are asymptomatic. Those with symptoms, such as fever, should quarantine themselves or report to a designated hospital (see list below).

Measurements and restrictions are tight. Most communities in Chengdu require an access pass to enter/ leave the compound, which you will receive after registration, and housing communities limit access to non-essential personnel. Your waimai shuaige will call you to leave the order at the gate, and kuaidi should be collected from the secure pickup locations (so keep an eye on your text messages). However several compounds that before implementing strict measure, have started to loosen up. Most places in Chengdu have slightly more relaxed restrictions in place now.

Anyone who has returned to Sichuan from Hubei Province since January 8th should report to their building management or a hospital for quarantine. 
For those required compulsory quarantine, after 14 days centralized quarantine in a hotel, there’ll be a week of home-quarantine, and 7 days no gathering activities rule according to the community notice. 
Sichuan province didn’t opt for online classes, and schools will not resume classes at school until approval is given by the Ministry of Education. All education departments and schools are to start preparing plans on how to ensure students safety if they reopen, current estimations put that at no earlier than middle of April.


According to the latest official information from the education bureau on Apr.7, the opening schedule of schools in Chengdu is as follows:

High school grade 2 and middle school grade 2 in the city will start April 13 in accordance with the school preparation;

High school grade 1 and middle school grade 1 in the city will start April 20 in accordance with the school preparation;

Primary schools grade 5 and 6 are prepared according to the beginning of school on April 27;

Primary schools grade 1 to 4 are prepared according to the beginning of school on May 6;

Kindergartens and special education schools will be further notified according to the progress of epidemic prevention and control.

Off-campus training institutions shall not carry out in-person training activities earlier than May 6.


  ✈️ Air Travel 
Shuangliu Airport remains open for domestic flights, they have instituted screenings for all incoming and outgoing passengers. Budget a little extra time to ensure that you are able to make your flights and transfers. From March 28th on foreigners aren’t able to enter China, and international airlines have been forced to highly reduce international flights for Chinese citizens. Traveling abroad is in decline with many foreign governments advising against non-essential travel to China. With the rapidly evolving situation, we recommend contacting the airline to confirm whether or not your upcoming flight will be affected.


 🚇 Metro 
Since February 26, the Chengdu metro is open normal times again. Wearing a mask is obligatory, those not wearing masks will not be allowed in.
 🚗 Taxi’s and ride-hailing 
The good old taxis are still an option. Didi is also an option, and the company took the next precautions for you and others safety: drivers and riders must wear masks, daily disinfection required, and the car must be well ventilated.


Train lines: Although most of the high-speed railways are still closed, some inter-city routes are gradually returning to normal. There’re still over 200 train connections that will remain closed during March. Dial 028-12306 or check the website (Chinese only) for updated information.

Useful Information

•Tourist spots and museums start to re-open. All events and public gatherings are cancelled, and this will still take a while. Some restaurants and bars are trying to re-open, though have to apply and take precautions in order to get permission. These depends on which district, though usually include measurements like registration and temperature check upon entry, 1.5meter distance between tables, limited number of people in the venue, among others. You can find the daily updated list of what’s open and closed (incl. delivery) by clicking here, please to support the local F&B scene so they survive.

•Public transportation is normal.

•Masks are compulsory on the subway and temperature is checked on the way in. Same in lot’s of malls and compounds. For you and others safety, please cooperate.

•The city’s Exit and Entry Administration Division of Chengdu PSB implemented a series of special services to overseas visitors in a bid to effectively prevent and control the spread of COVID-19.
For anyone who currently has legal or visa issues, including online accommodation registration for overseas visitors, foreign-related organizations, and online visa appointment and entrusted services, click here. For more information, click here.

Legal Advice for Salaries

Many of us by now will have been informed our salaries will have been cut. If you can no longer work, or working from home isn’t an option, employers and employees will negotiate salary agreement for the first month. We know for the international community, our ability to effectively negotiate, will be be very low.

From month two when work still cannot be resumed, your employer can resort to “living expenses”, which is most parts of Chengdu is 70% of the minimum wage standard, meaning 1780RMB… which we know will be unlikely to cover most of our rents.


Dedicated Hospitals in Chengdu

Do you have a fever and/ or other symptoms of the deadly coronavirus? Not every hospital accepts you, you need go to one of them listed below

List of Chengdu Medical Institutions for Patients with Pneumonia Stemming from the New Coronavirus Infection:


Public Health Clinical Center of Chengdu


No. 377, Jingming Road, Jinjiang District, Chengdu


First Afflicted Hospital of Chengdu Medical College (Xindu)


No. 278, Baoguang Avenue, Xindu District, Chengdu


Pidu District People’s Hospital, Chengdu


No. 666, Section 2, Deyuan North Road, Pidu District, Chengdu


Wenjiang District People’s Hospital, Chengdu


No. 10 & 61, Wanchun East Road, Wenjiang District, Chengdu


The First People’s Hospital of Longquanyi District, Chengdu


No. 201, Group 3, Longquanyihe, Longquanyi District, Chengdu


The First People’s Hospital of Shuangliu District, Chengdu


No. 149, Xibei Street, Dongsheng Subdistrict, Shuangliu District, Chengdu


Qingbaijiang District People’s Hospital, Chengdu


No. 15, Fenghuang East 4th Road, Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu


Tianfu New District People’s Hospital, Chengdu


No. 97, Zhengbei Upper Street, Huayang Subdistrict, Tianfu New District, Chengdu


Jianyang City People’s Hospital


No. 180, Yiyuan Road, Jiancheng Town, Jianyang City, Chengdu


Medical Center Hospital of Qionglai City


No. 172, Xinlin Road, Linqiong Town, Qionglai City, Chengdu


Pengzhou City Infectious Disease Hospital


No. 995, Jinpeng East Road, Tianpeng Town, Pengzhou City, Chengdu


Chongzhou City People’s Hospital


No. 318, Yongkang East Road, Chongyang Subdistrict, Chongzhou City, Chengdu


Dujiangyan City People’s Hospital


No. 622, Baolian Road, Dujiangyan City, Chengdu


Pujiang County People’s Hospital


No. 18, Hexi Road, Heshan District, Pujiang County, Chengdu


Jintang County First People’s Hospital


No. 886, Jin’guang Road, Zhaozhen Town, Jintang County, Chengdu


Xinjin County People’s Hospital


No. 149, Wujin West Road, Xinjin County, Chengdu


Dayi County People’s Hospital


No. 323, North Street, Jinyuan Town, Dayi County, Chengdu


Clinics and Hospital

For a list of all hospitals and clinics, click here.

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For a note on obsessing over Coronavirus infection counts, and other advice, Click here.


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