One of the biggest party weeks of the year is coming up once again, and there are so many parties and events to choose from. So put on your fangs and sink your teeth into these Halloween treats…

October 23rd-31st: 6 Nights of Fright at Home Plate

Venue/场地 : Homeplate BBQ Chengdu 成都本垒美式烤肉

Address/ 地址: Wuhou District, Ziwei East Rd. No. 54 四川省成都市武侯区紫薇东路54号

23rd-27th: Pumpkin Carving. 60rmb for a pumpkin and a drink. 27th: Halloween Carnival with music from Damage Daimond. 31st: Rocky Horror Picture Show Screening

October 25th: Dias De Los Muertos at Jing

October 25th: Dias De Los Muertos

Venue/场地 : JING Bar 井酒吧 / The Temple House 博舍

Address/ 地址: 81 Bitieshi St., Jinjiang District 锦江区笔帖式街81号

October 25th: Pumpkin Carving Competition at Shamrock

October 25th: Pumpkin Carving Competition

Venue/场地: Shamrock Irish Bar and Restaurant 三叶草爱尔兰西餐酒吧

Address/ 地址: 15, Sect. 4, South Renmin Rd. 人民南路4段15号

October 26th and 31st: Shamrock Halloween

October 25th and October 31st: Shamrock Halloween

Venue/场地: Shamrock Irish Bar and Restaurant 三叶草爱尔兰西餐酒吧

Address/ 地址: 15, Sect. 4, South Renmin Rd. 人民南路4段15号

October 26th: Halloween Party at Tim’s Bar-B-Q

Venue/场地:Tim’s Bar-B-Q 熏烤房

Address/ 地址: No 7 Building C, Poly Centre, No. 1 JinXiu Road, Wuhou District  锦绣路1号,保利中心C 坐7号

October 26th: Blood Bank at Blue Frog 

October 26th: Blood Bank at Blue Frog

Venue/场地: Blue Frog (UFun Branch)

Address/ 地址: Chengdu, Wuhou District, Jiaozi Dadao No. 300, uFun Shopping Mall 6F

成都市武侯区交子大道300号, 成都悠方Ufun6楼

Tickets/票: Advance: 168 RMB. Door: 198 RMB. Kids: 88 RMB

October 26th: Funky Town Halloween Part Vol. 2

October 26th: Funky Town Halloween Part Vol. 2

Venue/场地: Allizilla Cultural Youth Centre

Address/ 地址: 6th Floor, Gate 4, R&F Tianhui, Qingyang District / 青羊区,富力天汇4号门6楼

October 26th: Trick or Treat at Balboa

October 26th: Trick or Treat @ Balboa

Venue/场地: Balboa. 6-8pm

Address/ 地址: Tianfu New District, Huayang Avenue, Luxehills Road, Section 1, No. 909 – 37/39 成都市天府新区华阳街道麓山大道一段609号附37-39号

October 26th: Spooky Party at Fat Cat Chengdu

October 26th: Spooky Party at Fat Cat Chengdu

Venue/场地: Fat Cat Chengdu 成都发福猫

Address/ 地址: Fat Cat Chengdu, 1610 (Take the elevator to the 15th floor), Building 2 A, Manhattan Natural Is Best , Xinxiwang Road, Wuhou District


October 26th and 27th: Konjiam Hospital at The Abbaye

Venue/场地: The Abbaye, Belgian Restaurant and Bar

Address/ 地址: 1337, 1/F, Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li, 8 Middle Shamao St. 远洋太古里一层1337号

October 27th: Haunted Spookeasy @ The Cube

October 27th: Haunted Spookeasy @ The Cube

Venue/场地: The Cube @ Fairmont Chengdu

Address/地址: 269 Tianfu Middle Avenue, Hi-Tech Zone, Chengdu, China, 610041 / 中国成都市高新区天府大道中段269号 邮编610041

Cube Bar, 2F, Fairmont Chengdu / 派对地点:成都棕榈泉费尔蒙酒店CUBE酒吧(二楼)。

Tickets/票: 198rmb (with bonuses included!)

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October 27th: Halloween at the Grumpy Moose

Venue/场地: Grumpy Moose Bar and Restaurant

Address/地址: 48-16, South Renmin Road 4th Section, below Master Building (alleyway Behind bank of China)

人民南路四段, 成都市, 四川省

October 27th: Bordeaux Vineam Halloween Party

Venue/场地: Bordeaux Vineam

Address/地址: In99 shopping mall, Tianfu Avenue No1199, building 5, D103 (Ground floor)


19:00-23:00. 98rmb for entry, as well as 3 glasses of wine and sweets.

October 27th: Halloween Party at Underground

Venue/ 场地Underground Bar

Address/ 地址: Taipingnanxinjie Jiuyanqiao.九眼桥太平南新街

October 27th: MULA Halloween Party 

*Venue/ 场地MULA Club

*Address/ 地址: No.10 1st floor, Xuefu Garden South 1st Ring Road 4th Section一环路南一段学府花园一楼10号

October 27th: Night of the Living Red

*Venue/ 场地McElroy‘s爱尔兰餐吧

*Address/ 地址: 1-36/37 East Poly Centre, 1 Jinxiu Rd., Wuhou District 武侯区锦绣路1号保利中心东区B座一楼附36-37号

October 27th to 31st: Halloween at Iron Pig Tongzilin and UFun

Venue/ 场地Iron Pig BBQ Tongzilin and UFun Branches 铁猪美式烤肉 (悠方) / 铁猪美式烤肉 (桐梓林)

Address/ 地址: 

Tongzilin:  Tongzilin South Road No. 9-24 (next to the entrance of Singapore Garden) 桐梓林南路9号附24号(新加坡花园大门旁)

UFun: Ufun Mall F7, No. 300, Jiaozi Dadao, Wuhou District 武侯区交子大道300号

October 27th to 31st: Nightmare Land Halloween Festival at Lan Kwai Fong

Venue/ 场地Lan Kwai Fong Chengdu

Address/ 地址: Lan Kwai Fong Chengdu, 1 Shuijin Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu, China Postcode: 610021

October 30th: Halloween Happy Hour and Chinese Halloween Culture at Beer Nest 2

Venue/场地The Beer Nest II, Bar & Kitchen 

Address/地址: Renmin South Road Section 4 – No. 48-32, Master Commercial Street (F1, behind Country Garden Real estate sales office, close to “AMI Bar” or Bank of China)
人民南路四段48号附32号,首座万里商业街1楼 (碧桂园森林城市售房部后面, AMI酒吧、中国银行、乐道茶馆附近)

Time: 7-8:30pm

October 31st: Halloween Quiz Night at Underground

Venue/场地Underground Bar

Address/地址: Taipingnanxinjie Jiuyanqiao.九眼桥太平南新街

October 31st: Halloween @ Jellyfish

Venue/场地: Jellyfish LKF 水母2兰桂坊店

Address/地址: East Binjang Road, Lan Kwai Fong, +1/F, Building 2-3, A 滨江东路水津街1号, 兰桂坊+1/F, 2-3

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October 31st: Halloween @ Grand Hyatt

October 31st: Halloween @ Grand Hyatt

Venue/场地: Grand Hyatt Chengdu 成都群光君悦酒店

Address/地址: Chicony Square, 8 South Chunxi Rd. 春熙路南段8号群光广场

October 31: Halloween On Hair @ La Cave With Partners Hair Salon

halloween la_cave partners air salon

Get a free exploded, zombie, sensational, crazy, ducked, wicked, end of the world, the kind of you’d never dare, hair style for Halloween in La Cave by the team of Partners Hair Salon in Chengdu. Free means for the price of a drink at the bar. Get yourself a crazy style and get your hair done in La Cave. Starts at 8pm.

Venue/场地: La Cave 来看

Address/地址: 2F, Master Commercial Street, 48-220, Section 4th, South Renmin Rd. 人民南路四段48号附220号首座二楼

October 31st: Obon Halloween at HuNT’s

Venue/场地: HuNT’s Kitchen and Bar 夯食

Address/地址: No.8 Shuangqing Road Chenghua District  成华区双庆路8号(万象城南庭一楼155号)

Time: 7:30 pm to Close

October 31st: Basi Rave Halloween Special

Venue/场地: Allizilla Cultural Youth Centre

Address/地址: F6M, Shuncheng Street, Fuli Center (Access Elevator #4) 顺城街富力天汇Mall 东华门街63号,4号门6楼

Time: 21:00 – Late

Tickets/票: Pre 40rmb / Door 50rmb

October 31st: Halloween at Kathmandu

Includes special Halloween food and drink, as well as a screening of the classic horror movie Halloween (1978)

Venue/场地: Kathmandu 加德满都餐厅

Address/地址: 99 Huan Jin Road, Qing Yang District, Chengdu 成都市青羊区浣锦路99号

October 31st: Dia De Muertos at Revolucion Cocktail Chengdu

The most colorful and crazy Halloween party is happening on October 31th in all Revolucion Cocktails Bars 😈10月31日,最具色彩和疯狂的万圣节派对发生在所有的 Revolucion Cocktail 酒吧~#DiaDeLosMuertos🎭
Are you ready to join us ?! 大家伙儿准备好了吗?!

Venue/场地: Revolucion Cocktail Chengdu 革命酒吧

Address/地址: 1/F, Block 18, Chengdu Lan Kwai Fong, 1 Shuijin St. 成都市水津街1号成都兰桂坊18栋1楼

October 31st: Horrible Hospital

Venue/场地: The Art House艺术澳洲·酒肉馆

Address/地址: 8-8 South Tianxianqiao,Jinjiang District / 成都市锦江区天仙桥南路8号附8

November 1st: Bingo Halloween @ The Range

November 1st: Bingo Halloween @ The Range

Venue/场地: The Range Bar and Grill

Address/地址: Chengdu, Wuhou District, First Ring Road #9 South First Section Building 1. Second Floor Suite #9. (KaiYue New City) / 成都市武侯区一环路南一段9号1栋2层9号(凯悦新城)

November 2nd: Chengdu Comedy Club Halloween Special at The Beer Nest 1

Venue/场地: The Beer Nest 1 啤酒窩

Address/地址: Jinxiu Road 34 – 7 (Across Poly Center Ping’an bank; close to Zongbei Peter’s Tex Mex/ Walmart).
啤酒窝酒吧, 武侯区锦绣路34号附7号 (棕北国际楼下)

Tickets/票: 60rmb (80 on the day), includes one drink.

November 3rd: BUDX Freak Out

November 3rd: BUDX Freak Out

Venue/场地: Fan Mu Art Zone

Address/地址: Fan Mu Art Zone, No 666 Donghong Road, Long Quan Yi District 龙泉驿区东洪路666号梵木创艺区

Tickets/票: Early Bird: 200 RMB. Presale: 240 RMB. Full Price: 300 RMB. VIP: 666 RMB

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