International Day is a long-standing tradition of Chengdu International School. It’s a special day dedicated to celebrating not only the diverse cultures represented within our school body but also the friendship we share in our school community.

As a cherished tradition, the event commenced with a vibrant parade. Each grade level proudly walked down the campus lane, dressed in traditional clothing while waving their nation’s flag. The CDIS community, including staff, families, and friends, applauded and admired this magnificent display of unity.

The day was filled with educational experiences, delicious food, festivities and performances. Booths were set up around campus by the student club leaders, as they led activities highlighting a country. As we explored the various booths, we learned about different customs, traditions, and beliefs from around the world. One of our absolute favorite moments was when the talented staff and students took to the stage to sing, boogie and even rap their hearts out!

Thank you to the parents who volunteered their time and culinary skills to prepare dishes from their home countries. It was an opportunity for many of us to savor a wide array of cuisines, some of which were entirely new! From savory dishes to sweet treats, we were blown away by the flavors and diversity of the food. From Swiss bread with chocolate to American s’mores, Korean yakgwa, Bangladesh street snack Jhalmuri, to Chinese liangmian, our parents not only filled our stomachs but also warmed our hearts. We were once again reminded of their dedication and love for our community. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our CDIS parents!

It was amazing to see how much we had in common despite our differences. Events like International Day serve as a reminder that education extends  beyond the confines of the classroom. We aspire for our students to become globally minded individuals who can make a lasting impact, in hopes of reaching the farthest corners of the nations in the years to come.