So you’ve finally sorted out your apartment, but you still have to pay your utility bills. Here is how to pay for gas, electricity, water, and management fees in Chengdu.



Generally speaking, there are two ways of doing this:

1. Pay in advance: If you don’t pay on time, your gas will be cut off.

2. Pay after use: You will always have gas even if you don’t pay on time, but you will get overdue fines because of late payment (most of the apartments require you pay at least every two months).


How much does it cost per month?

One bedroomAround 35rmb/month
Two bedroomsAround 55rmb/month
Three bedroomsAround 75rmb/month
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How to Pay for Gas?

  1.  Any Hongqi Chain Store 红旗连锁 with your gas card.



2. WeChat Wallet1. Go to Utilities 2. Select 燃气费 3. Choose the gas company (according to the one on your gas card) 4. Type in your gas card number 5. Your bill will appear, press 立即缴费 to pay.




You will normally need to pay and top-up in advance.


How does would it cost per month?

One bedroomAround 65rmb/month
Two bedroomsAround 90rmb/month
Three bedroomsAround 140rmb/month
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During the summer your bills will probably increase because you’ll be using the AC more.


How to Pay for Electricity?

  1. Hongqi Chain Stores with your electricity card.
  2. Some of the compounds will have a machine to top up the electricity card (Usually near the Management Office)



In most compounds, you can pay this at the Management Office via WeChat, cash or Chinese bank card.

How much does it cost per month?

One bedroomAround 30rmb/month
Two bedroomsAround 50rmb/month
Three bedroomsAround 80rmb/month
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Management Fee

This you will pay at the Management Office, in most of the compounds they will require you to pay each quarter.

Management fees usually vary from 1.8 to 15rmb/㎡/month, depending on your compounds.