Chengdu ADT Monastery Beer Shops

From the monks of Europe, to South West China – ADT are launching online and offline draft monastery beer stores. There will be 3 shops in Chengdu – and more are opening soon. Their trappist beer from Koningshoeven in the Netherlands has a history of 138 years and is one of only 11 Trappist beers in the world.Chengdu ADT Monastery Beer Shops | Chengdu ExpatMonastery beer is often labelled “Trappist”, which means it must pass three strict rules certified by the International Trappist Association:(1)Breweries must be situated within the walls of monasteries;(2)Beer must be brewed by the monk himself or under his supervision.(3)Some of the proceeds must be donated to charity.Until now, there are only 11 ITA-certified monasteries worldwide. 6 of them are in Belgium, 1 in Austria, 1 in United States and Italy, and 2 in the Netherlands. 

Easy Take-out Service

It’s usually impossible to take-away trappist beer. But ADT beer stores -in cooperation with La Trappe- have growlers available for take-away or delivery!ADT’s draft beer delivery requirements strictly follows the rules in order to give you the best flavour.Chengdu ADT Monastery Beer Shops | Chengdu Expat 

Best Craft Beer + Great Value

Moreover, from September 1 until 29, you can get world-class draft trappist beer for only 16 RMB at ADT Beer Shops!Chengdu ADT Monastery Beer Shops | Chengdu Expat 

Chengdu ADT Store Locations:



Global Center: B1, Metro Line 1, Jincheng Plaza Exit C (B1), Shop DA34

339专柜店:成都339电视塔南广场(近小郡肝串串香)339 TV Tower: Outside kiosk on South Square

仁和专柜店:成都高新区仁和新城B座下沉广场Renhe Square: Outside kiosk at Block B (near McDonald’s)

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