No matter where you are in Chengdu, there is always someone or something interesting to photograph. Chengdu is home to, and also attracts, plenty of talented photographers from all over the world.

Our Instagram tries to feature interesting and vibrant photos taken of Chengdu. 

Here are some of our favourite photos featured on @chengduexpat this fall!

Photos from Fall

If you don’t ask…🐕 @dua_weirdos


Inner city solace ⛩ @mikemogler


Autumn sunshine 🍂 @iframechina


Ride in style ☔️


🔥 @iframechina


Yi Junzuo’s Chengdu @shirly.tse


Somethings never change 🚴🏻‍♂️ @littleyichi


  The last of the summer fruits  @bwezza


Mood 💤 @dua_weirdos


On the flipside @zhangyan803


Lily pads @doch_bonda1


Tall malls  ⬆️ @Angelinazxy


Sichuan shadow puppets @brice_martinat


Bathed in sunlight☀️@shan.shihan


Here’s to the state 🇨🇳 @dickerchina


Four-leaf fly-over @zhangyan803


Meteor @jackyue87


Account of the Month @brice_martinat:


Brice Martinat is a French film director. Passionate about street photography, he travelled across China for two months with the desire to document his trip through his camera lens. Below are some photos from his travels in Sichuan earlier this year:



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