Everywhere you turn in Chengdu there are talented photographers capturing what makes the city so great. Chengdu-Expat’s Instagram features some of the best photo’s coming out in Chengdu everyday. Here are some of our favourite photos on @chengduexpat over the last month.

Photos of July

Float your way down the rivers of Mount Qingcheng. @liligoesto


When you start to wonder if it’ll ever stop. @zhangyang8038


Can you handle the heat? @flybyjing


Mystical views by the river. @jmssrz


Final touches before the Sichuan Opera begins. @amieecai


Hidden away. @drauth.paul


Follow the winding path. @joethommas


Fishies. @danielturriani


Take it easy. @coriq_


Chuan Chuan in Chengdu. @lostplatefoodtours


Take some time to relax today. @a_world_of_backpacking


Lose yourself (but don’t get lost) in traditional back streets of the ‘Du. @hurriyet_seyahat


Account of the Month @iframechina

Antoine arrived in Chengdu nearly 6 years ago and enjoys both street and portrait photography. He takes part in photography classes and works as a culinary and Tao boa clothing photographer. Alongside taking photographs, Antoine enjoys collecting vintage lenses, writing camera reviews and has recently become more involved in videography.

“Every photo walk turns into an adventure. I can’t predict what I will run into or what is going to happen. The ‘not knowing’ creates excitement and makes every trip unique.”


Portrait. @iframechina


The evening light today was just beautiful.. #chengdu when the rain stops. @iframechina


Evening snack. @iframechina



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Author: CDExpat_chloe

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