Big news for the Chengdu Metro today, phase 1 of Metro Line 18 is now open!

Running both above and below the ground, phase I of Line 18 is a relief for people living and working in the south, and other looking to visit Xinglong or Sancha lake. Probably more exciting will the opening of phase 2, expected to be in operation by the end of 2020, connecting Chengdu’s urban area with the brand new Chengdu Tianfu International Airport!

| Chengdu Metro Line 18, phase 1 and 2

Where does Phase 1 of Metro Line 18 goes?

Phase 1

Open now, phase 1 of Metro Line 18 starts at Chengdu South Railway Station and ends at Sancha Lake, striving to relieve the constant rush of Line 1 in the south, as it runs parallel to it.


Where will Phase 2, 3 and 4 of Metro Line 18 go?

Phase 2

The total length of phase 1 and 2 is 66.2 km (41.1 mi). The line will feature distinct express and local services using passing tracks at selected stations with an express service stopping only at 4 intermediate stations. It aims to complete a trip between Chengdu South Railway Station to Chengdu Tianfu International Airport in 35 minutes. The local service will stop at all stations on Line 18 and will complete the trip in 40 to 50 minutes.

Phase 3 & 4

Line 18 Phase 3 includes North Extension, Linjiang Section, and South Extension. It is 16.72 kilometers long, all underground. In total, 6 underground stations (4 transfer stations), 1 reserved station, and 1 new depot will be built. Phase 4 to be extended to Jianyang South Railway Station.

The stops on Line 18 will be:

Phase 1

South Railway Station – Incubation Park – Jincheng Plaza East – Century City – Haichang Road – Western China International Expo City – Xinglong – Sancha

Phase 2

Futian – Terminal 3 & 4 of Tianfu International Airport – Terminal 1 & 2 of Tianfu International Airport

Stations that Passengers can Transfer:

There are a few major stations where passengers can make transfers to different lines.

•South Railway Station: Transfer with line 1 and 7

•Incubation Park: Transfer with line 9

•Century City & Haichang Road: Transfer with line 1

•Western China Int’l Expo City: Transfer with line 1 and 6


More Details:

-Maximum capacity: 2958 passengers

-Maximum operating speed: 140km/h

-Ticket price from South Railway to Sancha station: 9RMB



Will you use Metro Line 18 or which other one are you waiting for?

Let us know in the comments !

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