• Big news! In order to reduce waiting lines, China’s National Immigration Administration (NIA) has launched new services on their service platform from October 9th. The new service menu features online appointments for applications for individual visas and other relevant documents, as well as various online inquiries.

• If you’ve tried this new service, please leave your feedback in the comments – we’re interested to know if it’s really up and running/ useful. Some feedback we got tells us that the registration via WeChat isn’t convenient, and that the online service doesn’t support the Tianfu Square location (which def is the main one..).

• Please note that this doesn’t replace the offline PSB services, these keep open as normal.

The Platform’s New Online Services:

– appointments for applications for individual visas and other documents;
– inquiries about the progress of the issuance of individual visas and other documents;
– inquiries about information concerning individual visas and other documents
– inquiries about China-issued foreign permanent resident ID cards;
– inquiries about the passport information of foreigners with permanent residence status;
– inquiries about information concerning the authorities issuing the relevant documents;
– service guidance;
– assistance for service users’ relatives or friends on behalf of them.

How to Find/ Use the Platform:

1. Find the Mini-Program “移民局” in WeChat (but it seems this might now work) or better Alipay (Search “移民局NIA”, “NIA”, or scan the QR code below)

2. Tap the banner “Foreigner Service”

3. Select your service

Source: 移民局

Have you tried this new service?

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