Chengdu Through The Lens | May

The month started hot and dry, and transitioned into cold and wet. While Spring took a little breather, Chengdu’s active group of talented street photographers got busy. This is Chengdu through their lenses this May:


Days like these make us forget it was ever winter


Taiji in a downpour


Romance in the rain






Driving the porcelain bus


When Sichuan Opera met Game of Thrones


Keep your chin up


Did someone call Maria Kondo?


Find those sweet spots


He wasn’t only two faced…


She’s my ride or die


Forever blowing bubbles


One day everything beyond the bridge will be yours



Account of the month @marcus_browning

Marcus Browning is an amateur photographer based in London with a passion for street photography. Because he has family and friends out in Chengdu he flys in from time to time and captures Chengdu’s wonderfully vibrant and friendly atmosphere.


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Author: CdExpat_Jana

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