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    must sell this bikes to redeem my trips back to namtso lake tibet

    sell felt tt bike or thrialthon bike  carbon  n  durace parts  2014 like new only  9500 rmb

    sell tt bike or thrialthon  650 c german rolf wheels full usaweld titanium frame  mongoose classic brand  duraaceparts  only  11500rmb from 1999 but like new

    sell trek 7000 series mtb fullbike  like new  w/easton alloy frame ..fullhard tail lite 9.808 kg ,,old  1989 but lloking new ps  superstrong bike with manyamerican made 4130 chromo parts    only 5500rmb

    diy montser for strret riding only    carbon fiver  trinks bike  mtb   lite 7.3 kg..with many extra carvon fiver parts

    only 5500rmb

    frames n fork  could adviced you how to built up fullbike     or diy a classic bargain

    c -50 colnago italian carbon  material and built in italy    frame  n fork comb.   realy  ! new was 440\u sd  now only  11000 rmb

    cannondale  super 6 evo-high mod carvon fiver frame  n fork wieghts  only about  1000 grams or 1  kg  combo

    supergreat shape  sellonly 6000rmb new was 17000rmb  is from hong kong cannondale deale r no fake

    litespeed fulltitanium frame     old school 1991 made for the riding legeng  eddy merkcx 700c tall 58 cm

    no fork   few lef on market is rare   8500rmb..came roma colombian riding legend  lucho herrera

    contact me all things in chonqin will brin go ver if purchased  thank you



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