[:en]冬季到了,看看成都有哪些你感兴趣的活动、展览、派对吧!  Winter is coming, Check out Chengdu’s new upcoming events

12月2日/Dec. 2Chengdu Gaming Night

Get more info: www.chengdugaming.com

*Date/ 日期: Wed. Dec. 2th/周三 12月2号

*地址/Address: Yulin North Street 玉林北街

*Venue/场地Machu Picchu 2 马丘比丘

12月3日/Dec. 3: QSI 舞台剧 Dramatic Play “Into The Woods”

The show features the stories of Cinderella, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, and Jack and the Beanstalk as their lives are intertwined on a musical adventure through the woods in search of ‘happily ever after.’

*Venue/场地: Woman and Children`s Center Theatre 妇女儿童中心

*Date/ 日期: Thu. Dec. 3th/周四 12月3号

*Time/ 时间: 7:30pm

*Ticket/门票: RMB 20 (Free for students 有学生证的免票)

*Address/ 地址: Intersection of DongDa Road and DongHui Road 东大路与东汇街路口

*Metro: Line 2, Niushi Kou Stop 牛市口, Exit A2

*Contact: Ruthanne-pilton@chengdu.qsi.org

12月3日/Dec. 3: 奶酪火锅 Alps Cheese Fondue

*Date/ 日期: Thu. Dec. 3th/周四 12月3号

*Time/ 时间: Starts 8pm

RSVP 1 day in advance required 请提前一天预订

*Address/ 地址: Tongzilin South Road No. 9-24 桐梓林南路9号附24号

12月4日/Dec. 4: Deep Mountain South Mini Tour

























A MIST Production.

*Venue/场地: Here We Go

*Date/ 日期: Fri. Dec. 4th/周五 12月4号

*Ticket/门票: Free 免费

*Address/ 地址: Building 3A 2103 Poly Center No.1 Jinxiu Rd 成都保利中心A座2103

12月5日/Dec. 580’s/90’s Retro Party

*Date/ 日程: Sat. Dec. 5th/ 周六12月5日

*Time/ 时间: 9pm

*Venue/ 地点The Beer Nest II 啤酒窝2,餐吧

*Address/ 地址: South Renmin Rd. Section 4, Master Commercial St. 1F, 48 – 32 人民南路四段48号附32号首座万丽商业街1楼

12月5日/Dec. 5: UrTurn “Neon Parade” Pup Crawl

*Date/ 日期: Sat. Dec. 5th/周六 12月5号

*Time/时间:  Start 5:30pm

*Ticket/门票: RMB 200 pre-sale: Normal RMB 240

Interested? ContactErik, 15114080616 or erik_airuike@qq.com

12月5日/Dec. 5Techno

*Date/ 日期: Sat. Dec. 5th/周六 12月5号

门票/Tickets: 免费 Free

地址/ Address: 保利中心3栋A座21楼2103号 Jinxiu Road, Poly Center, Building 3, Entrance A, 21F

*Venue/场地:Here We Go

12月5日/Dec. 5Yang Bing & Friends

*Date/ 日期: Sat. Dec. 5th/周六 12月5号

门票/Tickets: 免费 Free

地址/ Address: 保利中心3栋A座21楼2118号 Jinxiu Road, Poly Center, Building 3, Entrance A, 21F


12月5日/Dec. 5The Big Wave 大波浪成都站

*Date/ 日期: Sat. Dec. 5th/周六 12月5号

*Time/时间:  8pm/晚8时

*Address/地址: No.87-5, Fangqin Road 芳沁街87号附5号

*Ticket/门票: RMB 80, pre-sale: RMB 60 网络预售60元, 现场80元

*Tel/ 电话: 028-85158790

12月5日/Dec. 5: La Vallée Wine Tasting 红酒品尝会

Next tasting in LA Cave. All those legendary wines from Rhone Vallée (Chateauneuf du Pape, Gigondas,  Vacqueyras, Valentibus) paired with French tapas. 

*Date/ 日期: Sat. Dec. 5th/周六 12月5号

*Time/时间:  7:30pm/晚7点半

*Address/地址: Master Building, Tongzilin, Remin nanlu 4th section, #48, 2nd Door 人民南路4段,48号,附220号,首座二楼上

*Ticket/门票: RMB 200 PP 人均200元

Contact la cave for reservation 

12月5日/Dec. 5: 成都商会联合慈善圣诞晚宴 Chengdu Inter-Chamber Charity Christmas Party

*Festival entertainment, DJ and live band 节日主题,现场电音乐队

*A great end of year party 超赞的年终派对

*A traditional family Christmas feast with fun, frolics and merriment with all your favorite delicious Christmas dishes including free flow beer, wine and soft drinks  传统的家庭圣诞聚会,丰盛每位的圣诞大餐并有无限量供应的啤酒、红酒以及软饮

*Venue/场地: Crowne Plaza Chengdu City Center Hotel 总府皇冠假日酒店

*Adult Ticket Price/ 成人门票RMB 550

*Children Ticket Price儿童门票:RMB 180 (age 3-16; 3-16周岁的小孩)

Free for children under age 3/ 小于3周岁的小孩免费

Table Price/整桌价格:Buy a table of 10 for RMB 5000 /买一桌10人只需支付5000元人民币

Contact your favorite Chamber of Commerce for more information and tickets

12月6日/Dec. 6: “The Fakir Trio” Jazz Concert

Ticket includes one complimentary drink beersoft drinks 凭门票在现场兑换一瓶指定的饮料或啤酒(一张门票只能兑换一次)

*Venue/场地: Sound Live 声音啤酒馆

*Date/ 日期: Sat. Dec. 6th/周六 12月6号

*Ticket/门票: Pre-sale 预售 RMB 50,Door 现场 RMB 60

*Address/ 地址: Sound Live/Shengyin Pijiuguan (Jianshe Beilu Zhong Duan 4#), Dongjiao Jiyi, Dongdamen  声音啤酒馆 建设南路中段4号 (东郊记忆 东大门)

*Tel/电话:028-8320 8396/8320 2611

12月8-12日/Dec. 8-12th: Burn the Floor

The dance show Burn the Floor is directed and performed by world champions from different countries of different dance types, and the team is called the dream team of the world’s popular dance circle. Various types of dance such as Waltz, Cha-cha, Samba, Rumba, Jazz, Swing, Flamenco and tap dance, etc. can be seen in the show.

The idea of Burn the Floor was originated from a dance show performed at a party to celebrate famous pop singer Elton John’s 50th birthday in 1997. Australian producer Harley Medcalf was inspired by it and spent two years developing the theatrical dance. Since its debut in 1999, it has become one of the coolest, hottest, most sensational and most entertaining dance shows on the international stage.

The Chengdu show will be given on a stage equipped with high technologies, spectacular lighting and multimedia facilities.

*Date/ 日期: Dec. 8-12th/ 12月8-12号

*Venue/ 地点:  Jincheng Art Palace 锦城艺术宫

*Address/ 地址61 East Renmin Rd. 人民东路61号

*Tel/电话: 86659253

12月12日/Dec. 12: Poker Alleycat 扑克野猫赛

Register 12/12 between 13:00 and 14:30 at Natooke


*Date/ 日期: Sat Dec. 12th/周六 12月12号

*Time/ 时间: Starts 3pm

*Venue/场地: Natooke

*Address/ 地址: Wuhou District, Xiaotian Dong Jie 3-26 武侯区小天东街3-26号

*Free 免费

12月12-20日/Dec. 12-20th: NUKER Share Party

2015年NUKER Share Party 最后一扒,“第九届FIRST 青年电影节.成都站”12月12日-20日在明堂举行,下周六NU 咖啡开始展映,免费入场,欢迎大家来看

*Date/ 日期: Sat-Sun Dec. 12-20th/周末 12月12-20号

*Time/ 时间: Starts 3pm

*Venue/场地: 扭咖啡

*Address/ 地址: 明堂创意工作区,奎星楼街55号

*Free 免费

12月15日/Dec. 15: Sworn Enemy 美国老牌硬核金属大团 @Little Bar Space 音乐空间

*Date/ 日期: Tue Dec. 15th/周二 12月15号

*Time/ 时间: Starts 8:30pm

*Venue/场地: Little Bar MiXC City 万象城小酒馆音乐空间

*Address/ 地址: Chenghua District, Shuangqing Road No. 8 (2nd ring) 成华区 万象城

*Price/价格: Pre-sale RMB 80/ Door RMB 100

12月16日/Dec. 16: 成都企业家活动 Chengdu Entrepreneurship Meetup

Monthly organized very 3th Wednesday of the month, the CD Entrepreneurship Meetup is a free event for anyone interested in starting and operating a Business. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, make new connections and open yourselfup to new possibilities .

December topic: “Travel- Made in Chengdu”

*Date/ 日程Wed. Dec. 16/ 周三12月16日

*Time/ 7:30pm -10pm

*Venue/ 地点The Beer Nest II 啤酒窝2,餐吧

*Address/ 地址South Renmin Rd. Section 4, Master Commercial St. 1F, 48 – 32 人民南路四段48号附32号首座万丽商业街1楼

*Entrance/门票: Free 免费

12月17日/Dec. 17: 冰岛神团Múm中国巡演 Múm Live @ Chengdu

Icelandic electronic / instrumental band Múm China tour

*Date/ 日期: Thur Dec. 17th/周四 12月17号

*Time/ 时间: Starts 8pm

*Venue/场地: Little Bar MiXC City 万象城小酒馆音乐空间

*Address/ 地址: Chenghua District, Shuangqing Road No. 8 (2nd ring) 成华区  万象城

*Price/价格: Pre-sale预售 RMB 160/ Door现场 RMB 200

12月19日/Dec. 19: 欢乐圣诞迷你跑 Winter Wonderland Run

快报名!今年圣诞你可以“跑”起过 Sign Up Now! You Can Run for This Year’s Xmas

*Date/ 日期: Sat Dec. 19th/ 周六 12月19号

*Time/ 时间: Starts 7:30am 早上7点半

*Venue/场地: Singapore-Sichuan Hi-Tech Innovation Park  新川创新科技园

*Route/路线: 新川创新科技园 → 红星路南延线 → 兴隆镇界点 → 新川创新科技园

1月17日/Jan. 17: Homemade Weapons

A MIST Production.

*Venue/场地: Here We Go

*Date/ 日期: Sun. Jan. 17th/周日 1月17号

*Address/ 地址: Building 3A 2103 Poly Center No.1 Jinxiu Rd 成都保利中心A座2103

10月17日-12月17日/ Till Dec.17th: Trois Siècles D’èlègance: Exhibition of Porcelain Works from France 金沙博物馆看法国“官窑”

This exhibition at the Jinsha Site displays over 100 pieces of fine porcelain works.

During the show is also an exhibition of some pottery items unearthed from the Jinsha Site and ceramic ware unearthed from the Qionglai kiln.

The artifacts come from the Nationale de Sèvres (a porcelain factory in France which used to be the royal porcelain factory) and has developed into a leading ceramic manufacturer in Europe since late 18th century.

*Date/时间: Oct.17th-Dec.17th 10月17日 至 12月17日

*Address/地址: 2 Jinsha Site Road, Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum 金沙遗址路2号,金沙遗址博物馆

9月26-12月31日/ Till Dec.31: Blue Roof Art Festival  蓝顶艺术节

This festival will feature cross-border integration, interactive experience and fashion & fun to make itself an art carnival of mass involvement. Colorful activities will be staged during the three-month period.

*Date/时间: Sep.26th-Dec.31st 9月26日 至 12月31日

*Address/地址: Jingjiang District, Flower Town, Lotus Moonlight Complex, Area A 锦江区三圣乡荷塘月色A区

11月14-1月17日/ Till Jan.17: The Twelve Paintings 十二张画

Exhibition of paintings from 12 artists living in different cities in China . Each artist provided two pieces of works, which will be on show separately in two different periods during the exhibition.

*Venue/场地: L-Art Gallery

*Date/时间: Nov.14th-Jan.17th 11月14日 至 1月17日

*Address/地址: Tianfu Software Park 天府软件园

*Tel/电话: (028) 85246646


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