The 2019 Orienteering Challenge, is an event to experience Chengdu’s history and culture. There will be a race through the city, where teams of 5 people will have to check-in at famous Chengdu scenic spots by using urban public transportation where you will not only be getting some exercise but also have fun while getting a huge dose of Chengdu’s culture and history.

Get to Know Chengdu

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The “Fun & Destination 2019 Chengdu Orienteering Challenge” has partnered with Chengdu’s Human History and Sports to provide the opportunity for 30 foreigners to register for FREE to have an experience of a lifetime to engage in cultural exchange and experience Chengdu’s culture in all its magnificence.


Please RSVP before October 23rd and the following benefits are available for you:


1.   Free entry as a special invited group.

2.   Medal for each entrant upon completion.

3.   Enjoy the “2019 Fun & Destination Carnival”.

4.   Experience Chengdu’s culture.

5.   Meet new friends.


Event Information & Schedule



November 3rd, 2019 (Sunday)

8:00 AM • Gathering Time



Jinniu Sports Center (Northwest 1st Ring Road)


No. 278 Yingmenkou Road, Jinniu district




8:00am: Gathering

8:30am: Launch ceremony

9:00am: Event Introducing and Group Assignment

9:30am-16:00pm: Main Event (2019 Chengdu orienteering challenge)

16:20pm: Award ceremony

16:30pm-19:00pm: 2019 Fun & Destination Carnival

Game Rules

4 + 1 MODE will make up the teams. This means each group can have:

4 international players & 1 Chinese player. The Organizing Committee will assign teams and designated the team leader to aid the gameplay.

Technology Upgrades:

The MiniProgram makes orienteering easier and more fun for rapid gameplay.

Gameplay Upgrades:

Play with the online check-in-points, and an online map instead of a traditional paper map.

When the team has completed all the task challenges on the theme route, they will return to the starting point within the specified time and win medals and share the fashion trend of the FUN & DESTINATION CARNIVAL.

How to Sign Up?



Scan the QR code below to register:

Only 30 foreigners are invited for FREE


Author: CdExpat_Team


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