Family Friendly Arbor Day Adventure

A fantastic day out was had with Chengdu-Expat and Andaman Village on the 11th of March, celebrating the tree planting festival, Arbor day. A total of 250 people made the trip out to the eco-resort Andaman Village for a series of family friendly and fun filled adventurous activities.
The sun followed the group out to the village and helped begin the road to summer in Chengdu, with this being the first of many outdoor events planned by Chengdu-Expat.

Family Friendly Arbor Day Adventure 01

Arriving at 10am to a warm welcome from John, Dino and the Andaman team, the group then made their own colourful mark on Andaman Village by adding to a wall of painted handprints

Family Friendly Arbor Day Adventure 02

01 Tree Planting

After that, we gave back to the environment in the spirit of Arbor Day with a mass planting of sapling trees. Everyone was put to work digging their holes, planting the saplings and giving the little tree enough water to survive from the surrounding natural water sources.

Family Friendly Arbor Day Adventure 03

After a tiring journey and tree planting session, everyone was treated to a fantastic buffet style lunch, provided by the Rock Bar Restaurant, consisting of both local and western foods before beginning the activities.

Family Friendly Arbor Day Adventure 04

The extensive Hubaba Adventure Park was open to guests as well as the archery range, trampoline park and rope course. Guests could also explore the numerous beautiful hiking trails around the village at their leisure. Tasty craft beer and coffee was also provided throughout the day.

Family Friendly Arbor Day Adventure 05

02 Adventure Tower

Hubaba Park provided enough adventure to satisfy all our appetites by providing an adventure tower, with both a rock climbing wall and a tower jump, alongside a zip-lining course. The tower’s rock climbing had three levels of difficulty, allowing everyone to test their abilities where they could try and reach the top and ring to bell.

Family Friendly Arbor Day Adventure 06

On the other side of the tower, there is wall for abseiling and a straight jump down using the rope pulley system if climbing isn’t your thing.

Family Friendly Arbor Day Adventure 07

03 Tree Top Zip-Lining

Tree top zip-lining was one of the most popular activities of the day. With three different platforms it allowed us to swing tree to tree with three fast trips elevated above the stunning forest floor.

Family Friendly Arbor Day Adventure 09

04 Flying-Fox Rope Course

Outside the park was the impressive Flying-Fox climbing rope course with three dizzying heights and difficulty. Soaking in the sun on the highest level proved especially popular with a number of skilled climbers who conquered the course in style.

Family Friendly Arbor Day Adventure 10

05 Archery

For the more stationary adventure lovers there was a specialist archery range where you could re-enact your favourite Hunger Games moment. The covered range gave people a short respite from the spring sum where a professional archery demonstration was given before letting the arrows fly. Targets were placed at either 7 metres distance or 10 for the more ambitious and skilled.

Family Friendly Arbor Day Adventure 11

06 Miniature Hubaba Adventure Park

The kids were treated a miniature Hubaba adventure park, kitted out with it’s very own zip line. The trampoline park was also open for a different kind of highflying fun, where not only the kids got to show off their more childish side.

After being given free rein to all these activities in the fantastic spring weather, it came time for us to say goodbye after posing for one last group photo. The group departed tired and happy after a day of giving back the environment, basking in the sun and adventure.