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Widely known as the Fresh and Imported Grocery Experts, Epermarket has always tried to meet the demands of their customers by offering quality products. What’s more, new customers will be treated to 3 free deliveries (300 RMB minimum spend). If that doesn’t sound like a pretty good deal, then perhaps we should give you more of an idea about Epermarket, and what makes them so unique!

                           A Little Bit More about Epermarket
Epermarket’s warehouse, which is located in Shanghai, is around 6500 m² and has several temperature-controlled rooms for their wide range of fresh and imported products stored in the appropriate conditions in order to optimize their prime quality. 
Contributing to the efficient warehouse environment are Epermarket’s seven different temperature-controlled rooms, including a room for ripening fruits and vegetables, fresh and frozen items, room temperature items, and more! They also need to take into account that cold air will always fall, and hot air will always rise. So it’s important that they monitor the storage area temperatures at all times – sometimes even at different heights. 
                                                Team of Experts
Epermarket’s greatest asset is their diverse team of experts, which is comprised of people from all over the world. Their team of more than 150 employees mirror the rich diversity of the marketplace they serve. After 9 years of operation, Epermarket provides their customer base with the products they miss from home, where their strong team evaluates each product and brand they offer on their website.
                                                Product Offering
Whether you are looking for fresh produce, specialty cheeses, pantry favorites – Epermarket has everything you need. What’s more, they’re now offering favorably-priced grocery essentials at the same quality as part of their Fair Price Guarantee 2020, where you can save up to 34.6% on meat and veggies.

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