Weather permitting, people hundreds of kilometres on either side of the centreline across 14 countries (including) will also see light drain from the day this afternoon. This should be the best annular solar eclipse of the decade.

In Chengdu, a partial solar eclipse should be able to be observed between 2 and 5pm today, with the maximum eclipse at 15:43.

Eclipse Shadow Path


A solar eclipse happens when, at just the right moment, the moon passes between the sun and Earth. Sometimes the moon only blocks part of the sun’s light. This is called a partial solar eclipse. This is going to be the shortest and deepest annular solar eclipse of 2020, seeing a glowing circle around the moon for a few minutes through solar eclipse glasses.


Partial Solar Eclipse in Chengdu

If the weather permits, a partial solar eclipse should be able to be observed between 2 and 5pm today, with the maximum eclipse at 15:43. The moon will covers a large portion of the sun, so this is a spectacular sight.

Stages and times of the eclipse in Chengdu are outlined below:

The maximum eclipse should be visible at 15:43


How to Safely Observe the Sun

Looking directly at the sun, even during an annular eclipse, can lead to blindness and other forms of permanent eye damage if you aren’t wearing proper eye protection.

To safely observe the sun or watch an eclipse, you need special protective eye wear or eclipse glasses. Basic sunglasses, even those with UV protection, will not sufficiently protect your eyes. Only look at the sun through an approved solar filter. Solar eclipse glasses must be worn at all times to avoid the threat of blindness, so it can be a dangerous event if you’re not properly prepared.

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