You had a great summer holiday but now you’re back in the city and need the motivation to become the ultimate you.

Would you like to tone up, lose weight and meet like-minded people in the city? K2Fit ULTIMATE YOU Season 8 is just about to begin…

What is K2Fit?

The K2Fit Ultimate You Challenge is a 10-week guided transformation challenge, complete with everything you need to hit your fitness goals and see results.

Transformations from previous years.


It is nationwide across China, and this will be the fifth year a Chengdu team, The Chengdu Kungfu Pandas will compete.  Not only does being in the Chengdu team introduce you to like-minded people, but this year B Active (Hang Kong Road branch) – which is Chengdu’s only 24 hour gym with air purification, will offer a free day pass and a place to collect your K2Fit pass.

Is it for me?


K2Fit Ultimate You program caters for almost everyone. They have different programs for you depending if you want to work out at home or in the gym. They also tailor the program depending on your level: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.

Tone Up

Lose Weight


How does it work?


Once you sign up, you take your measurements and before photos, then submit them online. You will then be added to the Chengdu WeChat community, as well as the entire K2Fit community and given your welcome pack. You are also given a Chengdu discount card!


K2Fit Ultimate You Challenge Includes


The K2Fit Ultimate You Challenge includes everything you need to kick-start your body TRANSFORMATION journey!

  • Detailed 10 week training plan: Choose Home or Gym – Available in English and Chinese
  • K2Fit meal planning guidelines and recipes
  • Weekly emails with fitness and food information, healthy tips and
  • Guidance to help you stay on track
  • Exclusive Ultimate You Challenge sponsor discount card
  • Exclusive WeChat group keeping you connected to coach Kara
  • Virtual Trainer at your fingertips!
  • Exercise videos

PLUS so much MORE!


Detailed 10 week training plan


There is no “fad diet” on the K2Fit Challenge


Community support is important for success, so we connect our participants via WeChat in our exclusive challenge group


How to sign up?


Scan the QR code below to contact Kara on WeChat:

You can also click here to go directly to the sign up page.


Join the K2Fit Kungfu Pandas community!

Meet like-minded people.

Become the Ultimate YOU!

Sign-up Ends Friday 14th September



Author: CDExpat_Flossie

CDIS China Chengdu