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While newly confirmed coronavirus cases have largely subsided in China, global cases are still on the rise. With family, loved ones and friends spread out all over the globe, you may want to learn more about COVID-19. One useful way to take in new information on the topic is through e-books.

In meanwhile, medical experts have come up with comprehensives guide about the ongoing epidemic. With the number of reported cases of COVID-19 growing daily, the information in this book will help you protect yourself and your loved ones. And what’s even better – we can send it to you, for FREE!

1. Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment

On March 18th, the Alibaba Foundationpublished a COVID-19 prevention and treatment e-book in partnership with a local hospital. The goal is to share China’s experience in battling the epidemic with global medical communities.

“We have received tremendous help from many countries over the past month when we were in urgent need of supplies,” said Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba in an open letter. “We’ve just been through this, and we know what we should do at the very moment.”

The First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine has treated over 100 patients with confirmed COVID-19, and their experts wrote real treatment experience when combating the virus, expecting to share their invaluable practical advice and references with medical staff around the world.

The handbook compares and analyzes the experience of other experts in China, and provides good reference to key departments such as hospital infection management, nursing, and outpatient clinics. With its comprehensive guidelines and best practices by China’s top experts for coping with COVID-19, the handbook focuses on the real-time hotspots of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Key content includes:

 Technical strategies for preventing and treatment of the epidemic

 Treatment methods to treat the critically ill

 Efficient clinical decision-making strategies for frontline medical experts

Alibaba Group also announced that free access would be offered to its artificial intelligence computing power for public research institutions around the world to develop COVID-19 vaccines and new drugs.

The handbook is now available in English, Italian, Spanish, Korean and Japanese. Let us know your e-mail address in the comments or write us an e-mail at info@chengdu-expat.com for your request.

2. The Coronavirus Prevention Handbook

Dr. Wang Zhou and his colleagues at the Wuhan Center for Disease Control and Prevention wrote a must-have guide to prepare for the COVID-19 virus.

As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, preventative measures such as controlling the source of infection, early detection of patients, and cutting off transmission are imperative. This book will help readers and professionals understand the virus and protect themselves.

With 101 tips for individuals to prevent the spread of the virus, the information in this handbook could be life-saving.

The prevention tips include:

 Precautions for individuals and public places (handwashing, face masks, etc.)

 Strategies for detection and treatment of the disease

 An overview of the coronavirus and how its spread

 Basics about contagious diseases

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Want a FREE e-copy?

Let us know your e-mail address in the comments or write us an e-mail at info@chengdu-expat.com.

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