Finally, things are certainly getting closer to normality in the city! Many malls, gyms, restaurants, bars, restaurants and other venues have re-opened, and it hopefully won’t be for too long until kids can go back to schools, and events start popping up again.

Below the latest updates of what’s back in the city!

Schools Reopening,
Holidays to be Reduced

According to the latest official information of the Chengdu Education Bureau, the opening schedule of schools in Chengdu is as follows:

• High School, 12th grade: April 1
• Junior school, 9th grade: April 7
• Junior school 8th grade + High School 11st grade: April 13
• Junior school 7th grade + High School 10th grade + Secondary vocational schools: April 20
• Primary schools 5&6th grade : April 27
• Primary schools 1-4th grade : May 6
• Secondary vocational schools: April 20
• Kindergarten: June 2
• Special education school: TBC

The general rule is that these they will re-open after they get approval from the education office. Certain areas within regions may have their own rules, regulations and starting time. Therefore, it is important to stay connected to local announcements.

Image: The New York Times

School Holidays to be Reduced

Provinces including Sichuan have stressed that the total teaching time of the semester won’t be affected by the breakout, which is to say that they will take weekends and summer vacation to make up.

Among them, Zigong and Panzhihua, two cities in Sichuan have announced that all students of the primary, secondary and high schools will have to attend classes on Saturdays, and the summer vacation will be reduced.

Note that international schools will most likely opt for summer school to offset time out of the classrooms.

Image: Weibo, 央视新闻

Chengdu: What’s Open and Closed

It’s becoming clearer by the day, that COVID-19 is already impacting global, national, and local economies in quite a big way. In Chengdu, shops, gyms, restaurants, bars, hotels, and private schools, are really starting to hurt.

As businesses re-opened with certain precautions, please comply with the measurements like registration, temperature check upon entry, distance between tables, limited number of people in the venue, among others.

It’s a really crucial time to come together as a community, and support the local businesses that we love. Or they will disappear forever. So make their day! Below and updated list of restaurants, bars, touristic spots and other places.

We update the list daily, though please do comment down the post if any update!
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What’s Open (and Closed) in Chengdu

You can also long press on the poster below to extract the QR code and find out which places are open, then click on the venue name to find their contact details. Or ask Chengdu-Expat2 personal profile!

Sources: 成都教育发布,中央卫视,红星新闻

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