Departing from Chengdu East Railway station and arriving at Xi’an North station in just 4hr-4hr30m, this high-speed train runs several times a day, making it a great opportunity for the people of Chengdu to take a day trip to the capital of Shaanxi Province.


Chengdu East Railway station and arriving at Xi'an North station


Previously, this journey took over 10 hrs by train which meant travelling to Xi’an and experiencing some of the fabulous street-foods and historic cites was nothing less than a weekend vacation, now do it all in a day!

Below is an example of the stops and scheduled times for this new high-speed train service.

Train Prices Chengdu East – Xi’an North

1st class- 397 RMB

2nd class-  263 RMB

You can book tickets online at, through WeChat and Alipay and in person at train stations (passport required).


D4252 (4h15m)

08:45 Chengdu East

13:00 Xi’an North

D4254 (4h25m)

09:04 Chengdu East

13:29 Xi’an North

D4256 (4h26m)

12:17 Chengdu East

16:43 Xi’an North

D4258 (4h14m)

13:14 Chengdu East

17:28 Xi’an North

D4260 (4h7m)

14:27 Chengdu East

18:34 Xi’an North

D4262 (4h24m)

16:34 Chengdu East

20:58 Xi’an North


What to do in Xi’an

The Terracotta Warriors

The army comprises of over 8000 terracotta soldiers, 130 chariots, 520 horses and their weapons. This fascinating architectural discovery is something that everyone should see, with no excuses now it is so easily accessible from Chengdu!

The Terracotta Warriors

Admission fees

Dec-Feb: 120RMB

Mar-Nov: 150RMB

Opening times

8:30-17:00 Mar-Nov

8:30-16:30 Nov-Mar

How to get from Xi’an North Station – The Terracotta Army Museum

Take Line 2 to North Street Station & change to Line 1 to Wulukou Station.

Take exit D and take Tourism Bus 5, 306, or 914 to the Terracotta Army.

Taxis are not recommended due to the many scams, but if you can find a reliable one the price should be about 300 yuan.


Da Ci’en Temple

The Da Ci’en Temple is the home of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda with two main buildings; the Bell Tower & the Drum Tower.

Da Ci'en Temple

Admission Fees

50RMB all year round

Opening times

8:00-17:00 all year round

How to get from Xi’an North Station – The Da Ci’en Temple

Get a taxi for just 30 RMB


Xi’an Street Food

With a vibrant culture and a variety of famous street food, Xi’an is a place for the foodies!

Xi'an Street Food

There are several food tours, but it’s easy enough to access great local snacks on Huimin Street or in the Muslim quarter – don’t miss persimmon doughnuts, beef and lamb roujiamo, liangpi noodles and green been jelly.


The City Wall of Xi’an

The wall is 13.7 km (8.5 miles) in length with a deep moat surrounding it. A great opportunity to hire a bike and take in the views of the fabulous buildings the city has to offer.

The City Wall of Xi'an

Admission fees

40 RMB

Opening times



Huashan Mountain

Located 120km from Xi’an, with 5 peaks, several different routes & endless beautiful views –  Huashan Mountain is one of China’s most beautiful scenic spots and of religious significance since 2nd century BCE, when a Daoist temple was established at its base.

It is advised to climb before day break and watch the sun rise – although some of the hiking trails are notoriously dangerous like the plank trail.

How to get back to Xi’an

You can take a taxi from Dongshanmen Parking Lot to Huashan North Station with a cost of about CNY 25, and then take the high speed trains back to Xi’an. There are many tourist buses from the Jade Spring Temple to the east square of Xi’an Railway Station.



Entrance Fee:
March to November: CNY 180;

December to February: CNY 100

Note:  It includes the main peaks scenic area, Jade Spring Temple, Xianyu Scenic Area and Xiyue Temple. The ticket is valid for two days.

Opening Hours:
The mountain is open all day.

Xiyue Temple: 09:00 – 17:30

Jade Spring Temple: 09:00 – 19:00

Author: CdExpat_Team