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Updated November 28th 2022, 14:00


New cases in Chengdu

(Nov. 27)



New cases in Chengdu

(Nov. 1-27)



High-risk zones

• Over the last few days, new COVID cases have risen to 473 (Tuesday), 537 (Wednesday), 591 (Thursday), 735 (Friday), 770 (Saturday) and 910 (Sunday) respectively. High-risk areas also steady keep rising day-by-day.• The current numbers of cases in November has surpassed 5,580 (more than the last time Chengdu went in “soft” lockdown), and more compounds going in lockdown as a result.

• Surprisingly today bars and entertainment venues (gyms, bars, KTV etc) in most districts were able to reopen. This might be because local authorities have urged people to implement 20 optimized COVID measures – which resulted in the opening of compounds, clearing of fire exits, and the halting of a COVID isolation unit hospital down South, amongst other things.

• As you should be aware of, there are calls for change, but we are unable to report, or comment about it. We’re sure you understand why.

• As both new cases and high-risk areas are steadily rising day-by-day, the city announced several new control measures:
1) 5 consecutive days city-wide mass testing
2) more compounds going in lockdown
3) 48-hours COVID test is required to take the metro, 24-hours test for bars.
• With the situation in Chengdu and China-wide growing more severe by the day – we advise you to be vigilant and prepared as always. It’s not a bad shout to stock up your cupboards and freezers just in case, although we haven’t ever had any major supply chain issues – so no need to go mad.



COVID Prevention Measures

Click here for COVID travel restrictions updates.

• Mayor’s hotline number: 12345

Places to avoid:

China wouldn’t be China without incredible tech, which in some ways is borderline creepy…

If you’d like to know where confirmed cases visited the last 14 days, this Mini-Program helps. It already covers 35 cities, with all data coming from official sources such as local health authorities. It’s almost like playing a video game, avoid the dots!

Scan the QR code below to access

• Health codes still have to be shown at most compounds malls, cinemas, office buildings and shops around the city before entering premises. You can scan the Tianfu Health Code code below to access the Mini-Program, or alternately open the Health Code on your Alipay APP.

What if your Health Code turns Orange/ Yellow?

Our own research learns us that some people’s Health Codes turned yellow. While the yellow or red code does not necessarily mean the person has the virus, it suggests that the person has a greater risk of infection.

What you need to do if your code turns yellow seems to vary:

1. Non-close contact: Stay away of busy places (public transportation, work, restaurants, malls, etc.) and have 1 or 2 COVID tests.

2. Close contact: 7 days home-isolation.

You are likely to be refused admission, to almost everywhere with an orange/ yellow code. You may be told to self-isolate at home. While the orange or red code does not necessarily mean the person has the virus, it suggests that the person has a greater risk of infection. Currently this signals you must go and get tested, then isolate at home. You also shouldn’t use public transportation or go to public places, and will have to undergo community health monitoring management (frequent temperature checks etc.).

After completing 2 negative COVID within a 24hour interval (as you can’t use public transportation, the options are biking or walking), your Health Code should automatically turn green again. Make sure that the COVID-test is registered under the same name and passport number as your Health Code information. Also note that not all hospitals or clinic can accept people with orange Health Codes. Please find a list of ones that do in this post.

What if your Health Code turns Red?

If your health code goes red, it signals you have (presumed) Covid-19, a close contact (within 14 days) of someone with Covid-19, or you are in quarantine, after returning from abroad.

If your health code is red, you should immediately report to the local community and self-isolate. It is possible that you will be transferred to the nearest centralized isolation medical observation site.


With cases on the rise around China and cities going in (soft) lockdown, it is recommended not to travel anywhere. You need a 48 hour negative COVID test to leave and enter Chengdu. If you return from other places in China where there’s a more serious outbreak, you will most likely be quarantined at home for several days.

If you have travel plans, click here to check the real-time COVID travel restrictions updates. Call the hotline (area code + 12345), airlines, hotels, and most importantly your compound management. We also recommend you to check with your accommodation in advance, as some restrict foreigners. Call, and then call again. Also make sure you prepare the local health code.


Hospitals with 24-hour Nucleic Acid Testing Services

Extract the QR code below to get the list

Foreign Affairs Office – Kind Reminders

Based on the current epidemic resurgence in Sichuan, the Foreign Affairs bureau reminds everyone to take extra care over their personal protection and actively cooperate with the recommendations:

1. Maintain good hygiene habits; wear masks; pay attention to coughing and sneezing etiquette, do not spit on the ground and open windows frequently for ventilation.

2. Reduce large gatherings; during the epidemic control periods, please minimize unnecessary gatherings and meals, and try to avoid crowded, humid places with poor air circulation. If you really need to enter these places, please take personal protection and cooperate with the prevention and control measures such as body temperature measurement and presenting Health QR Code.

3. Pay attention to food hygiene. Wear masks and gloves when buying and processing cold chain food, cooked food should be separated from raw food, meat and eggs should be thoroughly cooked before eating. Serving of individual dishes and using public spoons or chopsticks are encouraged.

4. Pay close attention to official information. Pay attention to the official information on the epidemic, do not believe in rumors or spread rumors. All the official information shall prevail.

5. Be open, and active in cooperating and implementing prevention and control measures. This includes truthfully reporting personal whereabouts and history of contact or exposure to investigators and medical staff; and going to designated locations for nucleic acid testing. If you have a fever, coughs, or other uncomfortable symptoms, please go to the nearest fever clinic as soon as possible.

Stay safe

For the safety of you and other, please do protect yourself, and follow the guidelines of the authorities. Wear a mask, regularly wash your hands, and avoid crowded places.

If you’ve visited any of the venues mentioned above, please social distance yourself and get a test immediately. If you have symptoms, please visit the hospital for a COVID-19 test.

Sources: China Daily, 成都商报, 健康成都官微, 中视新闻, 

We are monitoring the situation closely, and will inform you as soon as we have more information.

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