[:en]TThe Chengdu International Women’s Club (CIWC) Holiday Bazaar, now in its 10th year, has become an important event on the Chengdu calendar, and an annual meaningful way for companies and individuals to support local charities. ??Fun 4 All to support charities: – Live Holiday Music– Home-baked goods + delicous food– Silent Auction + Holiday raffle– Children’s games– Gifts shopping– Handicrafts ??成都国际妇女俱乐部(CIWC)假日集市如今已进入第十个年头,在成都历年的众多活动当中,已经占有举足轻重的地位。同时对于各个企业以及个人来说,该活动也为其提供了一个非常有意义的途来支持本地的慈善事业.节日义卖会是一年一度的家庭盛会,今年将于1114日在成都国际学校举办Student choirs from Chengdu international schools and local musicians will provide entertainment. Additionally, fantastic seasonal food is available for purchase, fun games for the children to play and a chance to have your photo taken with Santa Claus.每年此时,来自国际学校的学生合唱团和本地音乐家们会提供精彩的表演,成都国际妇女俱乐部的成员会也将提供自制西点的展售。成都本地的手工艺家以及定居成都的国际友人将会出售手工艺品和各种礼品。同时他们也会提供时令小吃出售,儿童游戏项目以及圣诞老人亲临现场给大家拍照留念This year proceeds will benefit:假日集市会将会帮助:-Heifer China International 小母牛-Hopeful Hearts 心的希望-Chengdu Aixin Social Service Centre爱馨公益中心-Cheng Guang School 晨光小学

Date/日程: Sat. Nov. 14/ 11月14日(周六)

Time/时间: 10am-4pm

Tickets/门票: 25 RMB [100% to charity]

Pre-sale @ The Bookworm

Address/地址: CDIS, Chengdu International School 成都国际学校Jinjiang District, Tonggui Road No. 68


Free Shuttle busses: Leave every half an hour (9:30am till 2pm) from Kempinski Hotel. Last bus comes back from CDIS at 4pm.搜罗成都全城大Party活动,请猛戳这里!Contact us for Business Cooperation业务合作请联系我们!*更多活动,请点击左下角的阅读原文*More Chengdu info/ events: please scan our QR code.[:zh]  成都国际妇女俱乐部(CIWC)节日义卖会如今已进入第十个年头,在成都历年的众多活动当中,已经占有举足轻重的地位。同时对于各个企业以及个人来说,该活动也为其提供了一个非常有意义的途来支持本地的慈善事业. 节日义卖会是一年一度的家庭盛会,今年将于1114日在成都国际学校举办。每年此时,来自国际学校的学生合唱团和本地音乐家们会提供精彩的表演,成都国际妇女俱乐部的成员会也将提供自制西点的展售。成都本地的手工艺家以及定居成都的国际友人将会出售手工艺品和各种礼品。Additionally, fantastic seasonal food is available for purchase, fun games for the children to play and a chance to have your photo taken with Santa Claus.同时我们也会提供时令小吃出售,儿童游戏项目以及圣诞老人亲临现场给大家拍照留念。今年我们的节日义卖会将会帮助: 小母牛、心的希望、爱馨公益中心和晨光小学。Make your Business stand out at the biggest expat event of the year by becoming a Sponsor or Vendor!Reach over 2000 people in 1 day and support some great causes.More information down below, sign up now by contacting ciwctblesbazaar@yahoo.com搜罗成都全城大Party活动,请猛戳这里!Want your events/ parties listed? => Contact us!*更多活动,请点击左下角的阅读原文*More Chengdu info/ events: please scan our QR or click the button left down.[:]

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