Guide to Taking Chengdu Metro and Bus with Alipay

• In 2023, Alipay rolled out new upgrades to make mobile payment services more accessible and convenient for international visitors to China. For more details about that, click here.

•Starting on December 6, 2023, people can use the app either Chengdu Bus “成都公交” or Chengdu Metro “成都地铁” to travel on the bus and the metro.

Below more information about the App of Chengdu Metro

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Guide to Taking Chengdu Metro & Bus

Source: Alipay

If the pollution in Chengdu isn’t enough to get you down, temperatures are plunging as well. Chengdu generally experiences quite high levels of pollution in winter: a mix of increased power usage, motor pollution, close proximity to industry, and unlucky topography are just a few reasons why. Click here for an overview of tips on staying safe.
The good news? You don’t have to let it affect your health, we’re more used to wearing masks than ever, and there are lots of good things to get excited about during Winter in Chengdu.
Sources: Alipay, Chengdu Municipal Transport Bureau