A Full Immersion Scenic Summer Camp

  • If learning Chinese is one of your resolutions this year, and traveling another, then this is the place for you.
  • From July 22nd – 29th July, Chinese Corner will organize a Chinese Immersion Summer Camp, offering a full immersion in the language, culture, and traditions of Sichuan province, while enjoying incredible views.
  •  Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced speaker, this program might be for you! Think: Nature, cool weather, blue skies, and supercharging your Chinese.

2024 Chinese Immersion Summer Camp

Time: 22nd – 29th July, 2024

Location: Songpan, Aba area, Sichuan 


Camp activities:

1. Half day Chinese learning:

We will have 3 levels for different levels of learners, useful topics and learning in a fun way. The Chinese immersion atmosphere will help you to build a ‘Chinese brain’ and understand Chinese language and culture more thoroughly.

2. Chinese Learning (Half Day Classes)

A) Indoor cultural activities including: Traditional Chinese art experiences, cooking classes, Chinese movie nights, and more.

B) Abundant outdoor activities: Hiking Trips to Ezhai (俄寨), Muni Valley (牟尼沟 4A) enjoy the amazing nature of the province;

C) Visit Songpan Ancient town, experience multi-ethnic cultures, scavenger hunts and so on.

3. Visit Jiuzhaigou National Park (九寨沟, 5A)

A breathtaking UNESCO site. This is one of the must visit places in China; with ever changing mountains, landscapes, waterfalls and natural scenery.

Program Highlights:

1, Full Immersion camp

  • Theme-based courses, stimulating Chinese language ability and improving your level.
  • Language + culture, one step closer to understanding China from a different perspective.

2, Community interaction

  • Going deep into the ancient city of multi-ethnic integration and communicating with local residents closely, living your daily life out of busy city life and work, live as locals.
  • Customized ancient city exploration & language task completion activities.

3, Immersive tourism

  • Professional Chinese teachers and scenic spot guides will accompany the group during the whole trip.



Additional Information

Package Fee

-Early bird (before 31/05): 6,780+RMB
-Normal (after 31/05): 7,380+RMB

Min. 8 persons, latest registration date: June 30th

Exact price depending on room and bed size


Package fee includes:

-Tuition, learning materials, activity fees, handy-craft work
-Seven days accommodation, food, water and insurance
-Transportation: Chengdu – Songpan (round trip) and any trips during the camp
-Jiuzhaigou and Muni Valley entrance fees.

Not included:

Buying extra personal items, laundry service, horse riding and other activities that are outside of our program realm.

Camp size: 8-16 students

Age limit: 18-60 years old

Altitude variations: 2850-3400m




Please scan the below QR for more info and registration:



Introductions of the places we will go:


Songpan 松潘:

Songpan is located in North-West Sichuan Tibetan and Qiang Area, a national cultural and ecological reserve. which is highly recommend by domestic and foreign travel lovers.

The average temperature in Songpan is 10-23 degree in July and Aug, PM2.5 is only about 18 in most of days. It has both primeval forests, alpine meadows, rushing waterfalls, towering snow mountains, vast grasslands far away from the world.

There are also traces of civilization where Tibetan, Qiang, Hui and Han people live together, and also costumes and feasts composed of special geographical locations and the blending of various ethnic cultures.

Jiuzhai Valley 九寨沟:

The world of fairy tales is a utopia that countless people aspire to visit at least once in their lifetime. In spring, the peach trees are lush and green, with abundant leaves and clear water. Summer brings a vibrant blue sky and forest, while autumn showcases the beauty of ice falls and snow-covered landscapes in winter.

Muni Valley 牟尼沟:

Muni Valley is comprised of Erdao sea and Zaga waterfall, which features “three steps one lake, five steps one water”, with the lake hidden in the forest where flowers bloom. The natural sea group is home to swans and ducks that play while flowers sway.”

Ezhai 俄寨:

It is surrounded by mountains and has a wide view of alpine meadows. The entire place is like an ancient castle lying in this two thousand years ancient city away from modern culture.


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