You’re in safe hands with Bremen United Dental Hospital

  • Living in China and knowing where best to take your loved ones when they need medical care can be daunting. As we’re not always sure where best to seek help, in this article we introduce an international hospital that specializes in making you feel safe, whilst they meet your dental needs.
  • Opened in 2021, Bremen United Dental Hospital follows western high standards from application of dental materials to multilingual customer service. It has over ten departments with advanced medical equipment. Almost all the dental problems from children to elders can be treated with care. You’re in safe hands with Bremen, that has a highly trained dental team.


About Bremen United Dental Hospital

Bremen United Dental Hospital has departments for all kinds of dental healthcare and complete treatment cycles to people of all ages. It specifically focuses on fully digital dental implant technology. Bremen applies strict hygiene standards in every aspect, presenting an almost bio-clean medical environment.

Multilingual Service following International Standards

Professional dental specialists, many of whom are from Germany, West China (Huaxi) Hospital, and other countries, speak different languages including English, Arabic, and German. They can provide foreigners with one-to-one English service. A professional interpreter can also accompany you during the whole treatment procedure.

This dental hospital has treated several Consul Generals and many members of Chengdu’s international community.

For the convenience of foreign guests, Bremen has created an “International VIP Access” through which patients can make an appointment, with the help of bilingual customer service, choose a suitable dentist, and enjoy diagnosis and treatment – with very short waiting times.

Specialization: Implantology 

Bremen has a professional digital dental technician group with rich experience. Their modernized denture-making devices, including 3D printing machines area able to provide crowns and the high-quality service.


Yatai Square Building C, Kehua North Road, Wuhou District


Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday, 8:30 am-17:30 pm


Tel-180 8090 8517


FREE Dental Check-up

Our readers can enjoy a free mouth check by specialists, including CBCT (X-ray), oral scanning, diagnosis and treatment planning.

Scan the QR code and input your details (incl. possible dental problem description), or call 180 8090 8517 to make an appointment.