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Strolling along ? @ianchengdu

Strolling along ? @ianchengdu

Bike-Sharing in Chengdu

 Peddling The Streets of ChengduThe Growth of China’s Competitive Bike-Sharing Industry  Even though pollution has been very high in Chengdu, the popularity of colourful public bikes did not hesitate to make their emergence. These bikes have definitely been brightening up the smoggy streets

Oct 30. Natooke Halloween Ride 万圣节骑行

[:en]* 时间/Time: 7:00 p.m. October 30(周五 Friday)* 花费/Cost: 免费/ Free* 地址/ Address: 小天东街3号附26号 3-26 Xiaotian East St, Wuhou District (Natooke Chengdu shop)* 路线/Route: North Yulin Rd.—Nijiaqiao—Jinxiu Rd.—Kehua Rd.—Sichuan University—1st Ring Road—Zhiquan St. (short break)—Dongda Ave.—Hongzhaobi—Renmin South Rd.* 提示/Tip: No bike?