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Chengdu Eats | Big Fat Burgers

As the days draw shorter, and the prospect of visiting home seems ever out of reach, we find ourselves getting lost in thoughts of big, familiar food, that HUG you… and will definitely leave you a little more cuddly. We’re back on

Don’t speak Chinese? A new way to order food to your door

Ever tried to order food in Chengdu but your Mandarin is lacking? It’s not the easiest of tasks, but there’s finally a solution. Introducing the brand new Munchwich ordering platform, the MunchApp! The MunchAppA MiniProgram accessible from within WeChatto make your

Eating Chengdu – Review of The Range

The Range: Home-style cooking from the American South.Experienced China restaurateurs bring some southern twang to Chengdu The Range is the newest addition to the ever-growing American dining scene in Chengdu, but this ain’t no Tex Mex place. Long time restaurateurs, and