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What’s Happening in Chengdu [February 2019]

What’s been happening in mala city whilst you’ve been away for Chinese New Year? Catch up on the news here:

4 Foreign Films in Chengdu February 2019

As predicted, the month of the Lunar New Year is a sad time for foreign movies in China. We only get 3, possibly 4. In the culture bureau’s effort to support Chinese culture, we get a LOT of fun local

English Language Films in Chengdu February 2017

China only allows a handful of English language or foreign films to be released in China every year, and luckily for us, we’re already on schedule to hit over fifty in 2017. So if the pollution is bad or you’re

Chengdu Upcoming Events February 2016

 Check out what events are happening in the ‘Du1月29日 – 2月6日/Jan. 29 – Feb. 6: Pollution Beer Blues 啤酒之“霾”Pint of Chengdu Craft Beer 成都精酿啤酒:? 50-100 PM 2.5: RMB 35? 100-200 PM 2.5: RMB 30? 200-300 PM 2.5: RMB 20? >300