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Visa about to Expire? Here’s the Lowdown

It is now two months since China announced that all foreigners in China would get a 60-day visa extension if their visa was going to expire during the epidemic. Many of us are now wondering what to do next, as

COVID-19: China to Ease Entry Ban on Foreigners

It’s not easy to come to China these days since the country has temporarily suspended the entry by most of foreign nationals from last month. But here comes good news, China is seeking fast-track travel arrangements with some countries. Personnel

COVID-19 Chengdu: April 2020 Updates

As confirmed cases of COVID-19 have exceeded 2.4 million globally, it’s becoming clear that the battle against the virus will not be a short one. Meanwhile in Chengdu work has resumed, schools have re-opened and we have slid back into relative normality. However there are still many restrictions to contend

How to Register as a Foreigner at the Local Police Station

 Planning to stay in Chengdu? All foreigners in Chengdu (and throughout China), must register at the local police station within 24 hours after checking in to a rented apartment or house. Also, if your visa is renewed or if you