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4 Weeks FREE! K2Fit x B-Active Partner Up

4 Weeks FREE! K2Fit x B-Active Partner UpIf you find keeping fit, losing weight or achieving your goals in Chengdu though, you are not alone. K2Fit runs a 10-week program that gets you fit and provides you with everything you

Chengdu’s Strongest Men & Women

B Active, one of Chengdu’s premier 24-hour gyms, held the city’s biggest powerlifting competition to date. Last Sunday (21st April), Power Lifting Chengdu chose the cities strongest Men and Women.

Join the Chengdu K2Fit Team – 10 Week Fitness Challenge

You had a great summer holiday but now you’re back in the city and need the motivation to become the ultimate you.Would you like to tone up, lose weight and meet like-minded people in the city? K2Fit ULTIMATE YOU Season

Deal of the week – Gym Membership

Followers of Chengdu-Expat WeChat receive a weekly special deal on a great product or service in Chengdu, available every Monday.This week Chengdu’s only 24 hour gym with full air purification are offering buy 1 month, get 1 month free membership.This