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Top 20 Apps You Can’t Live Without in China

Turbocharge your experience in China by adding these apps to your arsenal. If you haven’t noticed already people in China’s lives are dominated by their mobile phones, from mobile payments to transport, your mobile phone can be used to do almost

5G in Chengdu: What You Need to Know

We’ve been hearing a lot about 5G coming to Chengdu in the last few months, but what does that actually mean for you?Do We Need 5G?With the increasing popularity of video streaming, networks are becoming overcrowded especially when many people

How to Verify Your Alipay and WeChat Pay

WeChat has tightened its regulations and many people have to re-verify their info to be able to use their WeChat wallet. Here’s how to do it:

Digital Life in Chengdu

After signing up for WeChat, learning how to buy things on Taobao and using the various features of Baidu (search, maps, music and cloud storage), what are the next steps to figure out the technical details of life in Chengdu?Part