Since March 2019, online payment systems have tightened their regulations, forcing many people to re-verify their info to use WeChat or Alipay.

Currently, the reason why both WeChat Pay and Alipay are asking some users to update their ID information is unknown. There has been speculation as to why it is happening, but no press releases have been given to explain why. Some users think it is in relation to the new IIT (Individual Income Tax) laws of China, but there currently isn’t any way to prove this.


How to Confirm your ID to Verify your Alipay

Upon opening the Alipay app, the message “Your ID has expired, touch here to update” may appear (see below).

When prompted with this message, click to continue with the next step, which will bring you to the “Identity Verification” page (see below).

On this page, you need to take a picture of your passport in order to authenticate your account.

Finally, after uploading a picture of your passport, the message, “Review in progress. Please Wait. You will be informed of the result within 24 hours” will appear.

Note: Alipay claims to keep your information secure.

It is worth mentioning as well that the above ‘ID Verification’ warning doesn’t seem to impact Alipay usage. Users can continue to use the platform without registering their ID, as we’ve seen. However, you may face some hidden limitations.


How to Verify Your WeChat Pay

“According to relevant laws and regulations, you need to click ‘examine solutions’. After updating your account’s personal information you can continue with your transaction.”

If you see the text above appear on your screen when trying to pay via WeChat Pay, click ‘view details’ to update your account’s personal information.

You may see the message “WeChat Pay Restriction Notice” appear on your WeChat Pay transactions list. In order to update the personal information of the account holder, click ‘check details.’

Input your ID/passport number, mobile phone number, a photo of your ID/passport and a photo of yourself (we recommend not editing the photo beforehand…). After submitting, you should be able to rejoin the beautiful world of digital payments.

Now you’re ready to pay again!


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