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The 7 Best Things to Do in Chengdu this Month

Chengdu being a thriving city, means there is always so much going on that it is hard to decide which events to attend. So, we’ve put together the top events happening this month to make it easier for you to

Co-working Spaces in Chengdu

In China’s startup city, it’s no surprise that co-working caught on so rapidly from 2016 when we saw the beginning of a mass move away from serviced offices or rented cubicles in the city. The stand-out spaces so far are

Advice to Chengdu Startups – From Trevor Owens

Chengdu-Expat sat down with the global start-up guru and founder of Lean Startup Machine, Trevor Owens, at last week’s Startup Grind to hear his thoughts on why start-ups fail and more…The Company: Lean Startup Machine is a company that runs 3-day

“Like a Boss” – Young Entrepreneur Dieter Vanonckelen in Chengdu

Dieter Vanonckelen is a Belgian who has lived in Chengdu for approximately six years. Currently he runs both a bar and restaurant in the city, and is highly involved in Chengdu’s vibrant community through his other roles. He is the co-founder and highly involved with the