Shop frequently on Taobao?

Then this guide will help you

easily save a few hundred yuan a year

Taobao now partners with SmartLaowai

the biggest English shopping reward platform in China

and gives away Internal Vouchers & Cashback 

It is the easiest way to enjoy the best price on Taobao

Whenever you want to buy something on Taobao

just send the link to the SmartLaowai Bot

and the Bot will send you a Promo Code

to unlock internal discounts of UP T0 80%

How to download SmartLaowai?

You don’t have to download anything

just long press & scan the QR code below

then add the Cashback Bot on Wechat


Once you added the Bot

just follow steps shown below

and start to enjoy discounts & cashback

How much can I save?

You can enjoy discounts ranging from 10% to 80%

and earn up to 30% off your payment as cashback.

Take Oatly as an example

It costs ¥96 if you buy directly on Taobao

But with the Internal Voucher, you can enjoy a¥60 discount

and pay only ¥36 for 2 pcs of Oatly 1L!

That’s not all!

After you’ve got the package

you’ll be paid a cashback reward of ¥3!

Why SmartLaowai?


SAVE BIG: Buy on Taobao
with extra discount & cashback

SAFE: No sign-up nor deposit needed
All purchase & payment are still done on Taobao

12/7 Support: In English & Chinese
Providing assistance & help

One more thing

Not sure what is the best deals?

No worries!

SmartLaowai cherry picks great vouchers

and share in WeChat groups

Don’t miss out the great deals, join the group below




Have you tried SmartLaowai?


Let us know in the comments.

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