Exit and Entry Administration Divisions of Chenghua, Jinjiang, Jinniu, Qingbaijiang, Qingyang, Shuangliu and Wuhou districts, Hi-tech zone, and Tianfu New Areas PSB have set up the visa application counters for the convenience of foreigner’s visa applications.


成华区 Chenghua District


Exit &Entry Administration Division of Chenghua District PSB

📍 成都市秀苑路16号
📍 No.16, Xiuyuan Road, Chengdu
📞 028-86406458


锦江区 Jinjiang District


Exit & Entry Administration Division of Jinjiang District PSB

📍 成都市金石路166号
📍 No.166, JinshiRoad, Chengdu
📞 028-84549383


金牛区 Jinniu District


Exit & Entry Administration Division of Jinniu District PSB

📍 金牛区政务中心三楼(成都市一品天下大街999号)
📍 3rd floor of Jinniu District Administrative Service Center (No.999, Yipintianxia Avenue, Chengdu)
📞 028-87707286


青白江区 Qingbaijiang District


Exit & Entry Administration Division of Qingbaijiang District PSB

📍 成都国际铁路港综合服务中心二楼(成都市青白江区香岛大道1509号)
📍 2nd floor of Chengdu International Railway Port Administrative Service Center (No.1509, Xiangdao Avenue, Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu)
📞 028-83680521


青羊区 Qingyang District


Exit & Entry Administration Division of Qingyang District PSB

📍 中国成都人力资源产业园区2楼C区(成都市清江中路20号)
📍 Zone C, 2nd Floor of Chengdu Human Resources Industrial Park (No.20, Qingjiang Middle Road, Chengdu)
📞 028-81477251


双流区 Shuangliu District


Exit & Entry Administration Division of Shuangliu District PSB

📍 成都双流自贸试验区政务服务大厅(成都市双流区大件路文星段289号)
📍 Gov. Affairs Service Hall of Chengdu Shuangliu Pilot Free Trade Zone (No.289, Wenxing Section, Dajian Road, Shuangliu District, Chengdu)
📞 028-60615534


武侯区 Wuhou District


Exit & Entry Administration Division of Wuhou District PSB

📍 武侯区政务服务中心二层三区(成都市武科西五路360号)
📍 3rd zone, 2nd floor of Wuhou District Administrative Service Center (No.360, Fifth Wuke West Road, Chengdu)
📞 028-96166


Expat Center (Open on every Thursday)

📍 桐梓林社区国际邻里中心(成都市桐凤路39号)
📍 Neighborhood Center of Chengdu Tongzilin International Community (No.39 Tongfeng Road)
📞 028-96166


成都高新区 Chengdu Hi-tech Zone


Exit & Entry Administration Division of Hi-tech Zone District PSB

📍 成都市天府一街1008号
📍 No.1008, Tianfu First Road, Chengdu.
📞 028-86374457


成都天府新区 Chengdu Tianfu New Area


Exit & Entry Administration Division of Tianfu New Area PSB

📍 天府政务中心一楼(成都天府大道南段1632号)
📍 1st floor of Tianfu New Area Administrative Service Center (No.1632, South Section, Tianfu Avenue, Chengdu)
📞 028-86409519

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