Month: November 2015

Chengdu Walnut International Co-Working Community

What is Walnut?Walnut is embracing the future of the workplace by building a meaningful community that houses not only entrepreneurs, but also freelancers, creative, startups and even branches of large corporations. They are empowering a new generation of labor to

Upcoming Gigs @ New Little Bar

[:en]Upcoming Live Music @ New Little Bar 成都小酒馆活动?Check out the best live music that Chengdu has to offer at New Little Bar.12月1日/Dec. 1: 日本后摇 Euphoria China tour @Little Bar Space 音乐空间*Date/ 日期: Tue Dec. 1st/周二 12月1号*Time/ 时间: Starts 8pm*Venue/场地: Little

Building something from the contents of your pocket, in Chengdu

[:en]By Lydia McAulayAs a kid I was an avid watcher of Macgyver. For those of you who weren’t born in the 80s and aren’t familiar, Macgyver is a TV show about a guy named Macgyver who goes by his last name

Icelandic experimentalists Múm coming to Chengdu

Chengdu-based promoter New Noise ends the year in style by bringing over Múm, playing the Little Bar Space on December 17th.This will probably be the biggest show by an international band we have this year. Music lovers mark your calendars;

2015 Chengdu International Women’s Club’s Holiday Bazaar Review

[:en]Planning an event for a few thousand people isn’t easy. You would not believe the blood, sweat, and tears that go into it. But despite all the hard work, the Chengdu International Women’s Club’s Holiday Bazaar—say that three times fast!—is

Nov. 16th: 1 Minute of Silence @ French Consulate Chengdu

[:en]?? In the wake of Friday’s deadly terror attacks in Paris, a minute of silence will be observed tonight at 7pm to express solidarity and support for the victims ?Le Consulat général de France à Chengdu organisera une cérémonie de recueillement et une minute de

Cheers Chengdu Jinjiang Wine Store Opening Party

Join Cheers Imported Wines Jinjiang store opening party on Saturday, November 28th.20% off All Wines for the first 3 days. 开业前三天全场酒水一律八折Join Cheers Imported Wines Jinjiang store opening party on Saturday, November 28th. This is the second Cheers in Chengdu –

Thanksgiving Events in Chengdu

Check out where to enjoy some turkey for Thanksgivings in the ‘Du..Nov. 26/ 11月26日: Maison Sud Ouest France 法国西南之屋 *Address/地址: Tongzilin Road, 1st fl, No. 4, 6-8 桐梓林路4号1层6-8号*Time/ 时间: 18:00 pm*Reservation requests: Eric 15756236236, Mrs Shun 13550333606Nov. 23-26/ 11月23-26日: Iron PigWood smoked Turkey with cranberry

November Events in Chengdu

[:en]? Check out Chengdu’s new upcoming events  ?? 看看成都有哪些你感兴趣的活动、展览、派对吧! 11月6日/ Nov. 6: Moustache Rooftop Party*Date/日期: Fri. Nov.6th from 6pm-1:30am / 11月6日周五晚6点到凌晨1:30*Address/地址: No.39 South of Zhimin Road,Rooftop H-Hotel Riverside 致民东路39号,成都丽澳滨江酒店顶楼*Ticket/门票: RMB 80, pre-sale: RMB 50 预售50元, 现场80元11月6日 Nov.6:McElroy`s Irish Pub Soft

Nov.7th-8th Black Rock Vintage Show ?

[:en]Inspired by American vintage culture, “Black Rock Vintage Show” will be held this weekend.??????⌚️????️?????11 月7 日至11 月8 日,由美式复古文化门户网站 牵头,携手黑石机构以及机车俱乐部 FES, Post Room Club 共同举办的一场以美式复古文化为基础的”黑石复古展现”.Black Rock Vintage Show aim is to let more people understand American vintage culture and to

Nov. 13th: 2015 Chengdu Marine Corps Birthday Ball

[:en]The Marine Corps Ball is a night set aside to celebrate the history and traditions of the United States Marine Corps.??? Join them on November 13th for the 240th Marine Corps Birthday Ball ???It is a formal black the event

Nov. 7th: J-Fever x Soulspeak in Chengdu @NASA

[:en]J-Fever is a major figure in the Beijing underground hip hop / freestyle scene, took part in the Red Bull Music Academy Base Camp in Beijing last year. Soulspeak is a producer originally from LA, been stationed in Beijing for

New and Modern Reading Spaces in Chengdu

[:en]Bookstores in Chengdu are remolding themselves to keep up with the changing times; check out a list of new, trendy bookstores perfect for afternoon reading:“A book store is one of the only pieces of evidence we have that people are