2019 World Police and Fire Games


The World Police and Fire Games started in San Jose, California in 1985. Since that time the Games have been held every 2 years in a different city and country around the world, to give a platform for the world’s emergency services to compete and be celebrated. And now the 18th WPFG has come to Chengdu!

The Games attract thousands of competitors from up to 80 countries to take part in 54+ sports. The Games eligibility extends to all serving law enforcement officers and professional firefighters as well as retired officers. The Games offer the opportunity for competitors and their family to develop and build friendships as well as the opportunity to facilitate cultural exchanges and cooperation between the host city and the world.


How to get tickets

Free for ALL GAMES 
(some games are not open to the public)
Each game venue has a capacity so be warned.
Once the capacity is reached, visitors are not able to enter the venue.

Game Highlights



Date: August 10 to 12


Venue: Shuangliu Sports Center
(Sport Center, Extension Line, Baihe Road, Shuangliu District, Chengdu)
Capacity :25,000


Date: August 12 to 16

Venue: Wuliangye Chengdu Performing Arts Centre
(Tianfu Avenue North Section No.1777, Hi-tech Zone, Chengdu)


Date: August 15 to 16

Venue: Shuangliu Sports Center
(Sport Center, Extension Line, Baihe Road, Shuangliu District, Chengdu)
Capacity: 3000


Dragon Boat Race

Date: August 9

Venue: Jintang Triathlon Venue (Guancang Town, Jintang, Chengdu)
Capacity: 50,000~100,000


Date: August 9-11

Venue: China Modern Pentathlon Events Centre (Guancang Town, Jintang, Chengdu)
Capacity: 30,000

Police Motorcycle Riding

Date: August 14 to 15

Venue: New Century Global Center (Tianfu Avenue North Section No.1700, Hi-tech Zone, Chengdu)
Capacity: 30,000


Meet Du-du and Cheng-cheng, the WFPG panda mascots.

Full schedule

The official WFPG slogan: One duty, one dream

The majority of the events are open to the public – check out the full schedule at the official website of the WPFG by scanning below.


Author: CdExpat_Alanis

CDIS China Chengdu