Month: February 2019

Outled Shop opens in Tongzilin

A new Outled Shop opens in Tongzilin carrying well know brands at outled prices. Here you find sportswear, electronics, leather goods and more. 🛍️

Deal of the Week – Sourdough Pizza

Every so often, followers of Chengdu-Expat, receive a special deal on a great product or service in Chengdu, for one week only. This week, Uncle Z’s Pizza are offering up to 30% on their sourdough pizzas.

144 hour Visa-Free Transit in Chengdu

Good news for everyone, travelling to Chengdu just became a lot easier. With the visa-free transit permit, you can spend nearly a week in Chengdu.

Taxi Chat – Sichuanhua With Your Cab Driver

Being able to communicate with the people around you makes living abroad way easier! So let us begin with small steps by being able to talk to your taxi driver in real Sichuanhua.

What’s Happening in Chengdu [February 2019]

What’s been happening in mala city whilst you’ve been away for Chinese New Year? Catch up on the news here:

2019 Chengdu Valentine’s Specials

Whether you’re looking forward to a night out with your sweetheart or looking to make a new connection, romance is in the air.Check out where to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2019 in Chengdu.

4 Foreign Films in Chengdu February 2019

As predicted, the month of the Lunar New Year is a sad time for foreign movies in China. We only get 3, possibly 4. In the culture bureau’s effort to support Chinese culture, we get a LOT of fun local

Getting Around Chengdu

Chengdu can seem dauntingly large at first with its mammoth size alongside a very copy and paste style of architecture. However as Chengdu has rapidly developed, so has its transportation. Here’s a look at how to cut out all the